Hey all… this is rlly messed up…I can crankflip, 360unispin…but I NEVER was able to wheel walk… I can 1 ft wheel walk if I have a wall to lean on when I mount tho :thinking: … I could NEVER glive or coast and I am seriously sick of that ! so tell me exactly how you did it ! cauz I searched and nothing helped

Uh i learned wheel walk, 1 ft ww, glide, and then coast.

For gliding just do a 1 foot ww and a let your foot scrap against the tire. Its easier to learn on a hill. Just start ww and then let your foot slide as a brake on the tire. As you get better you can use less and less pressure to glide longer. It takes a little bit to get the feeling of letting your foot slide on the tire, but that will come with practice.

For coasting just ride one footed and then take your other foot off. It takes a long to time to figure out the balance for that. I suggest get gliding down

do you think I should bring my seat up? it’s rlly low right now…

alright thanks