I’ve almost got coasting. Today i did one coast that i’m pretty sure was at least 10m. but pretty soon after that my crank fell off. I put it back on…falls off 5 minutes later…put it back on…falls off 2 minutes later. then i gave up trying to put it back on. It just keeps on coming off and for some reason i can’t tighten it more than about a turn. If my left crank had fallen off then i could still one foot rolling mounts and then go to coasting but as it happened my right crank came off. While i can ride 1 ft with my left foot, i can’t mount into it or go to coasting for that matter. I am so annoyed, just as i get coasting i can’t practise anymore…boo hoo.

I’d just like to point out to everyone that Nick has only been riding for about 5 months or so (that’s right isn’t it?)! Amazing hey. Nick, Robbie showed me a little bit of footage of you guys riding around. I was amazed, keep at it. I hope you can make it to UniNats next year.


cranks will do that, hey nick look at your pms

Andrew… what footage did he show you?
yeah i have been riding about that long but i do practise almost every night. I really need a new uni though. If you saw some recent footage you might be able to see my incredibly bent seat post. Also my seat post cover is being held on by duct tape…most of the foam from my seat has come out. i’ve worn through my bumpers seat dragging. I’ve got odd pedals, one bent crank that wont stay on. buckled rim. etc…

Hey man, if you would prefer to have a right crank than a left, why don’t you just spin your seat 180 degrees?

i tried it but its still not quite the same.

Because i have odd pedals, one bent crank and a rim buckled when i ride my unicycle the other way it feels really wierd because all of a sudden the crank isn’t bent and the buckle which i was accustomed to is reversed if you get my drift.

Holy Saint God! 5 months!? I’ve been riding for about 3 and a half and can only ride straight. My uni is almost in an equally bad state though…

Anyway, that’s awesome.

Nick I’ll go to your house one day with my tools and see if I can fix it. Are you still using the 14mm socket wrench? If you get it tight like but then it falls off I might be able to fix it with loctite. I’ll talk to you today about it when I see you (you are going to the movie right?)

don’t bother i already fixed it.