Ian Hibbert inquired about coasting, and got a reply from Ken Fuchs. What Ken
neglected to mention was that he WON the Coasting Event at UNICON VII. His
distance was not listed in the official results, but it was about 100 meters. It
would have been farther, but the track was paved in soft rubber, which killed
the unicycle’s speed.

I hope Ken doesn’t mind me blabbing this to the world, but I think you should
know, and he should be proud! The new King of Coasting!

I came in fourth. Maybe next time. . . .

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation
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Re: coasting

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The way you described below has got to be a really slow way to learn coasting
(that’s putting it nicely). Do it from one foot riding.

If you haven’t already learned gliding (with one foot sliding on top of the
tire), work on that first because it’s very similar, and much easier. From
gliding the transition to coasting is not a major one. Gliding should be done on
a slight downhill while you’re learning.

(once you learn you can do like Brett Bymaster and set a speed record for

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I am unable to find any suggestions for learning to coast. Somebody once told me
to begin by holding on to a door frame (or similar structure) with feet on the
forks, and then pushing gently away whilst trying to maintain balance. Is it
best to start in this way or going for it from one foot riding? I have tried the
latter approach but with little success. Any suggestions?


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