coasting vs. gliding

could someone please enlighten me about the difference between the two?
i know in gliding you have one foot control speed, but what’s coasting then
or are they two terms for the same thing?

caosting= meerly ballancing on the crown of the unicycle with no contact to the tire ot pedals/cranks

Gliding= having a foot on the tire to control speed/ballance

thought so, thanks
i wish i could do either…

Coating is basically like gliding, only you are not going downhill, you are moving along on a flat surface. When you glide, you are going down a hill.

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The hill is irrelevant. You can glide on flat ground (we have a competition for this, called Track Gliding), and if you’re gonzo enough, you can coast downhill. At the Unicons in 1988, 1991 and 1992, we did our coasting competition on a slight downhill roadway, that allowed the top competitors to keep going until the slope ran out, several hundred meters!

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Re: coasting vs. gliding

Gliding is when you have the sole of (usually one) foot on the tyre
and modulate the pressure to maintain balance and speed.

Coasting is when you have no connection to pedals or tyre. Both feet
are on the frame, or one leg may be extended. If you can do it with
two legs extended we need a video. A photo is not enough.

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In this thread, Ken Fuchs claims he can coast in the lotus position.
“(Warning: The last two skills should be done in a lotus position.)
Forward coasting feet on seat
Backward coasting feet on seat”
That sounds pretty weird, but then again, I don’t see any reason for Ken Fuchs to lie about his skills.

No, it wasn’t clear whether Ken claimed that or not. When asked, he admitted (in that same thread) he was dreaming.

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Coasting = Hard
Gliding = Easy
Coasting = Rules
Gliding = Rules but not as much :stuck_out_tongue: