Coasting Unicycle...?

Couple of night ago I had a dream, which was about unicycling (isn’t that great?) anyway, in this dream I was riding around on a unicycle with “spacers” or something between the crank and hub which I could keep my feet down. But these spacers were independent of the hub so the unicycle continued like I was coasting, but with a space for feet to fit on. I guess it could be used for people racing then used on down hill stretches…

Maybe with a coker? If you have any thoughts (likes dislikes) or have heard of this before… just wanted to get that out there…

BC Wheel?
[THREAD=65664]Freewheeling unicycle[/THREAD]?

Edit: Don’t really understand what you mean with “spacers” though.

what so you mean there is a space big enough to foot your feet between the crank and frame, and the cranks still spin. And the spacers have tubes or something on that doesn’t spin when your feet are on them. If so sounds cool, but uncomfortable for general riding.

Neat idea, but keep your legs in close to the frame cause those crank arms are going to be whipping by them pretty quickly.

just put your feet on the frame like the rest of us :roll_eyes:

I think the idea is like pegs on a bmx bike. Its actually really really cool. You may have spawned another version of uncicyling.

No, not like something with catch bearings or the “inability” to pedal backwards. Just a place to put your toes so you can fly down a hill. Of course it would probably not be of any use unless on a 36’er… So you always have an advantage downhill. (lol wear ankle guards)

call me crazy, but i think that would require a really long axel

Yeah, it would have to have a long axle, but I’ll call you crazy anyway…

thanks buddy, i kind want to try and make this just for the pure sillyness of it

Pure sillyness is the modern mother of invention:)

does that make me the father? i hope the mother of invention is good looking :sunglasses:

Think of all the Q factor though. Your wheel would wobble like mad while riding normally. And it’s not like anyone would coast down a hill as fast as they could ride a 36" because the chances of falling are too high and if you fell at that speed it wouldn’t be pretty.

Ah now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

It’s a cool idea, but as someone said, it seems to affect the overall riding with is a boo-boo.