Coasting Unicycle

I have a little 16" unicycle lying around that I hardly use. And i was wondering if there is anyway to make it “coast” Just take of pedaling and be able to stop and the wheel can keep moving.

Do a search for the SWAT Coaster Uni… they built theirs from a kids trike I believed, the hub already freewheeled. I don’t think there are many hubs that freewheel with pedals attached…

Also do a search for The Green Machine. I think it might of been Obie explaining that the hub from that would work as a coaster.

Here is the website


That was me that used the green machine to make a coaster uni. I almost mastered it, but then the hub started slipping. I began to take it apart to see what was wrong, but never got the bearing off, so it’s just been sitting in my closet in disrepair for months. Evidently I’ll try and fix it, but be warned that it is basically a children’s toy and not the best quality.


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