Coasting Tips

Hey, I’m in need of a few tips to speed up the process of learning coasting.
I’m at the part where most of the time I fall off backwards or forwards, but every once in a while I can coast from anywhere between 1/2 a revoultion to 1 and 1/2 a revoultions. Any hints would be appreceated.

I can’t coast to save my life, but a while ago I tried to go from a 1ft ridding to some sort of glide for the fun of it… messed up (obviosly) and coasted for 2.5 meters. So you could try going fast and then just lanching yourself it to it?

I’m no expert either, but I can frequently go 3-5 meters now. It helped when I started to bend a little forward at the hip. That way I can move my upper body backwards more, to correct balance.

I can coast pretty good, but I cant explain what to do…:o Im a crappy teacher.

It’s easiest to go from 1ft wheel walking. Just kick around like your wheel walking and let the wheel slip under your foot everynow and then. You can let it slip more and more until you are into a full glide. It’s hard at first to stay on top of the uni. You always either fall forward or backward. This is because you havn’t mastered how much pressure your foot is applying to the tire. You just have to practice to figure that out. Just remember not to put alot of pressure down, that’s usually your instinct,but really your foot is barely on the tire.

Thats gliding though, coasting is different. You can’t have any contact with the tire.

I am working on coasting now and I have issues too. I realized if you are coasting one footed then its easier to put your free leg out in front of you.

My bad.

I think I get slightly better coasts when I concentrate on slightly squeezing the frame (maybe just so that you have both feet in the perfect position). The only other tip I can think of is when going from 1foot riding into coasting I bring my 2nd foot up surprisingly slowly (so that you don’t jar the frame off balance when you place your 2nd foot on the crown).

At the end of the day though, it’s 99% just persistance and practice.

well today took a turn for the better, it’s my second day of learning to coast and I can go 6 to 7 revoultions most of the time. Thanks for the tips though.

im just starting to learn, so does anyone have any videos?

Shaun does coasting in some of his videos.

Koxx Freestyle Roadtrip