Coasting Practice (10 Hours)

its gonna b a long road ahead but it’ll all be worth it
i really wanna document my progress, i think it’ll help me stay motivated too.

Nice! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a long glide. Stick with it!

Experiment with seat height, and lean back a little bit more as you take your foot off the pedal. I find it helps to take a few deep breathes and relax as you go, you’re a lot more likely to correct yourself if every muscle isn’t tensed up.

I think it will help you to try to straighten your leg a bit more :slight_smile:

seat height has to stay the same, thats a rule of mine for any trick. i use to change it a lot and it just becomes a mess. im still experimenting with balance and leaning, everytime i think i found something that will work without fail the next day it just doesnt seem to work anymore =/. the day before i filmed i was doing much better and i got 3+ revs a couple times.

and yeah i reeeeeeeally need to work on that leg. easier said than done tho, i fall off immediately if i try to.

Great work! I prefer both feet on the frame myself. Which is your dominant foot? Have you tried switching and putting your left foot out? My right foot has slightly better control so that’s the one I start on the frame (and pedal with my left foot).

Nice progress! I’d recommend coasting slowly and on a surface that slopes slightly upward. This will help you learn to use your leg for balance and get a good feel for coasting. Too much speed makes it very hard to get comfortable at coasting.

everytime i go back up the hill i coast, i usually dont get too many revs in but i definitely feel like i have more control