Coasting on seat?

Ok so I was talkin to Joe C. and was tellin him about a clip I saw a long time ago with a rider I believe by the name of Julliane Mooney(sp?) where he coasted a unicycle while standing on the seat. It was a pretty epic clip in my mind and wanted to show him, I tried to search but as you can tell reading this that was fruitless. So does anyone know what clip im thinking of, and more importantly where I can find it?


Thats a koxx freestyle vid.

Julien Monney is

I’ve got a few clips of that seat coasting trick that are a couple of seconds each, stored on my XBOX somewhere too.

holy heck that guy is epic crazy.the stuff he does is nuts.

wow, that video is sick

Incredible !!

00:53 is a great way to chop off your fingers

The SIF backward wheel walk at 1:36 is awesome!

It’s not too dangerous. For best results, practice all such moves slowly at first, to get comfortable with the movements. If your timing is off, mostly you just get the frame banging into the side of your hand. Keep your fingers out of the spokes and you’re fine. His method adds a floor bounce, while the way I used to do it is just up in the air, which is a little faster. You can do it two ways: one where your hands keep the same grip spots and alternately move out of the way as the frame comes around, the other where you release and re-grab with both hands at the same time. That one’s a little harder, with more chance of frame collision.

Great to see some Julien again. There’s one or two tricks in there he probably got from me (easy ones)!

I think Ill focus on just learning to ride first, remember Ive only had a Uni for a week as of today.
I was just making a joke, because it could certainly go bad if you failed

His riding is truly amazing

Hey, I found those clips you are looking for here:

That’s the web page of Les Casse-Rayons, the unicycle club of Geneva, Switzerland.

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