Coasting hub design, any takers?

I highly respect you for that, I wish America would get their head out of their ass about “standard.”

you might conciter a design that incorperates an axle like the back wheel of a bike. I was thinking something like that for an expirament, but not some marketing scheme to make people pay an outragous sum of money to fall on their ass.


like i have said in numerous post i am never going to buy anything i would acctualy use regularly and that is not under like 15$ from a 13 year old you just dont have the experience or the know how and you are making it from scratch :roll_eyes:

watch me!

u guys are right, i cant build any of this junk, i am 13. i can hardly weld or use a lathe let alone a milling machine. i am meerly fantasizing. o well :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

It’s been done. In several forms.



Evan, if you want to sell something, you have to give people more than a picture of it. You seem interested in making things, and you probably have a lot of time on your hands with the broken stick, so make a prototype. Take pictures of it and videos of you riding it. Give it a general (honest) review, or distribute a few to test. Then when everyone hears how great your product is, they’ll line up to buy one.

Take Greg Harper’s hub for example. He has been developing them for years now. He had a working model a loooong time ago, but they are not ready to sell, and possibly never will be. But he showed everyone videos and such, and in doing so created an interest in his hub.

Harper has a big advantage over you in that he is not 13 years old. People do not want to buy something that hasn’t been proven from a person who has yet to prove himself. So you hav to work to earn our trust, then we will buy things.

finnaly you understand god :angry:

David, do you have any of your pogo sticks left? I would rather this than a coasting hub

You aren’t getting any money until you’ve proven you can do this with a drawing though

Where are you getting 1500 for a mill at 13? I was lucky to save up more than 50 bucks to buy a nintendo game by mowing lawns at that age.

Can I first point out Evan that there’s no way you’ll be able to build a solid version of this with only $1500 worth of tooling? A rotary base for cutting the splines, as I have told you before, is $300 alone.

I’m trying to be honest with you and tell you what you are getting into. Many of the posts on this thread have lots of wisdom to them, and rather than getting angry maybe you should listen. We are not trying to stop you from making one of these hubs. But you cannot justify buying $2000 worth of machine tools that you don’t know how to use just for one project that might not even work.

It is very unwise to buy a machine tool before you have proper knowledge of how to use it. Milling machines are not toys and are not designed with many (if any) safety guards. You CAN kill yourself on one, and that alone should stop you from buying it until you have found someone who can supervise you. The same goes for the lathe.

You have chosen a project that involves multiple types
of materials, all of which machine differently. Steel is not a forgiving material for a budding machinist, and is a bad material to learn on. Chromoly is even worse. You should start learning on something easier like wood or aluminum, and then start going on to steel. Once you are comfortable machining chromoly, then you should think about looking into a mill. Until then, a mill will do you no good and will only be something dangerous in your shop. It’s like a jumbo jet trying to land with a downed computer and no pilot. All of the tools are there, but without a competent operator they are useless.

Try listening to the advice people are giving you, and try going down to the airport and getting lessons from your friends once a week. That’s essentially what I’ve done, and I’ve learned a bunch. Getting angry at the people trying to be sensible with you is getting you nowhere.

One other thing I noticed Evan. How will you get the sleeve into the shell if the shell is already selaed. how will you machine the keyways into the shell if there is only a small hole in there through which to fit a cutter?


Don’t lose your enthusiasm, but I think you need to recognize the infeasibility of your situation (as many other people have already patiently spelled out). If you want my advice, you should keep designing things–but please post them as fantastic and possibly impossible designs; not something you’re about to build and sell.

You’ll be in and out of high school before you know it. Go to college with a focus in metalworking/machining/etc. Work hard for four years. Then begin to build many of your ideas. The perspective and experience a solid formal education in the subject provides will help you tremendously. Somebody does need to advance the technology of the sport. That could be you in 10 years–bluntly put, though, you just won’t be able to do it now.

HeHE :smiley:
This gave me an idea… :sunglasses:

sounds extreme and fun!.. maybe I should gice it a try!

Tell us more about this thing?

What’s it like to ride?

Are they for sale?

Doesn’t this thing do gerbilling or something like that too?

Most interested, I want one!!!


You forgot to say how much they will cost. But that doesn’t really matter. Maybe you should apply some basic math here, we know you’re a smart kid. How many hubs would you need to sell to pay for a $1500 mill? A lot. How many do you think you are likely to sell, assuming the product works well and is popular with us wierdoes? Probably less than whatever that number is.

So you have to be willing to take a financial bath on the milling machine. But you get the benefit of learning how to use it (in time), and you still have the machine when all’s said and done.

Tom Miller, of The Unicycle Factory, used to complain to me about the expensive tools he’d bought, and how they couldn’t possibly pay for themselves. He was a unicycle-building genius, but he was a business idiot. Because he never seemed to treat his shop/hobby/skill/passion like a business, he always lost money.

But he has lots of great machining tools.

You learn by doing. Though school is a must for long-term success, you don’t need to finish college to be able to make stuff, and to learn how to make it better. Keep experimenting. Of course you don’t know how to make a coasting hub. Neither did I when I was in 8th grade (or whatever grade). None of the smart people here will say you can never learn. So keep at it.

As for the cylinder with a square board at the bottom and a T-handle at the top, it looks like the design has a lot of friction in it. :smiley:

For the guy questioning about the Chinese monocycle, yes they are for sale, but I don’t know the contact information. The one in the picture had a website URL molded into the side, but that site was no longer active when I tried it a few months back. Try John Drummond at Those monocycles work, but I am far too tall to ride one comfortably. At 6’, my excessive height makes it difficult to learn because I have to really scrunch up my legs to fit. Tall people beware.

I don’t think it has a problem with gerbiling (rolling over), as I’m pretty sure the thing doesn’t have any brakes. So watch out on the hills…

el gerbel:
Byrnetown : why do i need that???
If you don’t know why you need a rotary base Evan, then you aren’t ready to buy a milling machine, let alone make a hub.

Byrnetown : and it turns out that i can make splines on the lathe
el gerbel : nope
el gerbel : lathes don’t cut splines
el gerbel : neve have, never will

Unless I am seriously mistaken about the basic nature of a lathe, I am confident that you can’t cut splines on one.

Don’t feel offended at all Bevan, you got it easy, this is how my usual conversation with Evan goes:
Byrnetown : hey
MM Catboy: hi…
Byrnetown : I can too make (insert bad idea here)
MM Catboy: not really
MM Catboy: your design has flaws
MM Catboy: (insert obvious flaws in bad idea)
Byrnetown : shutup
Byrnetown : it will work because I have 4130
MM Catboy: having 4130 has nothing to do with the fact that you are a moron with a bad idea
Byrnetown : (insert female gendered vulgarity)
Byrnetown : (insert non-sex specific vulgarity)
Byrnetown : (insert femal specific vulgarity)
MM Catboy: ok…
Byrnetown : shutup
MM Catboy: I’ll bet you a punch in the face it won’t owrk
Byrnetown : fine
Byrnetown : (insert female gendered vulgarity)
Byrnetown : (insert non-sex specific vulgarity)
Byrnetown : (insert femal specific vulgarity)
MM Catboy : bl0ckzors
Byrnetown has signed of at: (insert a godly hour).

But, he is a good kid, he just did me 2 big favors and so he shall remain unblocked until another flaming.

Evan is a great kid for having a ton of good ideas, but he is young, inexperienced and doesn’t know how to execute his ideas for them to work. But give it some years and I am sure he will be able to accomplish some of his plans, if we help a little.