Coasting hub design, any takers?

this is the finnished design of the coasting hub.

the basis on wich the hub works: there are 3 major parts, the outer shell, the inner sleave , and the axel itself.
when the inner sleave is pulled the hub is disingaged and when it is pushed in the hub is reingauged.

i am not going to waist my time typing, just ask questions.

the reason for this post is, i need a mill for the project but i want to know how many people would possibly buy one if i did buy the mill and make these things.


I’m still waiting for the custom Coker frame you were going to build for me. How’s it coming?

Maybe, after examining the craftsmanship of the frame I’d consider buying a coaster hub.



oh ya, i bought the metal and i am waiting on our new welder to come.

I would buy one, if it was at an moderate prize, and stable enough.


Even, I suggest you do something easier then skipping from simple plates straight to CNC Milling a coasting hub. Beside I can already see a few flaws in your design(and spelling) that would make the idea too offf-feeling/impractical to use.
Why don’t you make something you are easily capable of instead of a project that is most likely going to end up not-even half finished sitting in the trash. Make those sparking grinpd plates… or create a design of really solib BC plates.

If you continue I can pretty much tell you where this is going.

P.S. This was in no way an attack on you, Evan. I was just trying to warn you of a more obvious outcome of this project if it ever gets off the ground…

first off this is not being done on a cnc, most of it is lathe work and some standard milling. second, the quote i got for the fiint needed for the sparking pedals was $389.56. and what are the flaws in the design???

also i dont give a flying f*** about what you suggest


The flaw is the fact that you have to actually move the “axle” in and out. Either it would be connecte to the crank arm or not, so either you would have a nub ppotruding out, or would have to move the distance from the cranks to the frame. Standrd milling makes no difference that this project more-than-likely won’t work…

Evan, when I said it wasn’t a personal thing I was serious. I was hoping this wouldn’t turn into an arguement and that you could read it, absorb it and tnd possibly ponder on it, not get a bad attitude and flame…

P.S. > Once again, this is not a personal attack just a relfections of my views and thought. If at any time you feel like replying to this with a negative/bad/not happy attitude, please reafrain from doing so(that means don’t do it Evan), so that this thread doesn’t become a total flame war…

that makes no sence.

The axle would always be in both cranks and it would never be sticking out. There is a sleve that fits over the axle that slides but it only slides in the area between the cranks. If you look at his pic the sleve is the white thing.

I’d take one

Re: Coasting hub design, any takers?

Prototype. Before offering the design for sale, what you need to do is build this one, test it, and then most likely make some changes to improve the design.

I (and Catboy apparently) don’t follow how this will work. Is it something you can click in or out? Will you have to stop riding to do it? And, most importantly, will it be possible for this thing to switch modes while you are riding? That would be bad.

Just pointing out you asked for questions.

Ask me again after you have one that works, and has held up to at least 10 hours of testing. In other words, we don’t know what to expect. Not having the necessary tools yet indicates your lack of experience with the type of machining required, so you still have to learn it.

My purpose is not to discourage, but to just remind everyone of where we are. This is the manufacturing process. First you have a design. Then you build a working model. Then you test the working model (if it works well enough). Then you probalby want to make some changes to make it work better. Then you test the next version(s). After that, you start selling. If you stick with it, you might have something really cool. If it works, and holds up well under testing, you could be asking John Drummond and Darren Bedford how many they want.

So you want questions but not suggestions? This is not a good way to get useful feedback. Which you will probably need.

Thankyou JF.

like i said before, i want to know if it will sell because i dont want to buy a $1500 milling machine and have this not sell.

and yes it switches in and out of coasting while riding.

It looks like it could switch freely(or if you did a drop/bumped it), witch would cause you to UPD… and end up on your face. Evan, I suggest you revise and fix any design flaws before you even think of selling the product.

Most products aren’t sold in their beggining stages. I suggest you get everything ready for it to be made before you try and get investors lined up. As soon as I too see one working(the real thing, not a poorly made 3D model) I might think of buying one from you. I hink its a good idea, you just aren’t executing it properly.

P.S. blah blah blah you never listen to this part anyways, so why bother…

the sleave is held in place by a spring piston.

and i would never sell one to you, you are fat.

Will these work in Canada? We use the Metric system you know.

Nice sales pitch, he was one person who said he might buy one. And even though I wasn’t called fat i wouldn’t buy one from someone so immature. You have to prove it works and that it can be trusted.

Its like, I’m working on a design for a pogostick, with a leather seat, shaped like a life size elephant with jet turbine engines, lights, and a horn that plays Danke Schoen, that when I’m done, I feel, will be able to bounce me to the moon. Maybe Mars. How many can I put you down for? I even have a drawing…

Since in all your other posts you said you have so many friends with all these tools, why don’t you take it to one of them to make a prototype? Or take it to some kind of other shop?

You can’t sell us something that isn’t there.


And in the future don’t be such a jerk.

or this idea…