My new short video. Has some coasting and gliding.
Please rate and comment.
If it sucks let me know.

Nice, I liked it.

that was cool man keep it up
hilltop hoods rules!!!

– bobousse

I’m letting you know that is was good!

So it sucks?

that was awesome!

your really good.

highlight the persons post…

sweet video kevin the trials was my favourite but the street was really good 2 i give it a 4.75/5 keep it up.


I thought it was pretty good.

haha nah, it was good. I’m just messing :wink:

That first glide looked amazingly fluent (with that I meant, no flapping arms). Great!

nice vid! your gliding is alwasy real smooth and I liked the trails to

That first coast was amazing, I see you’ve been practicing since UniNats.

Nice riding Kev. gliding is pretty cool, im still working on it. :smiley:

(A 10 would be like KH, Ryan Atkins, Luke’s Sony)

Everything was really good IMO, esp for all tripod shots and one camera/camera angle.
I can’t imagine how it could be improved much w/o a good cameraman and better riding (see above).

Your best yet, as far as filming, editing, and music. As far as riding, your last one was better, because it showed more of your skills.

Thanks everyone for the feedback :smiley:

How might one learn how to glide? I’ve been wanting to practice it, but not sure where to start.

There’s 2 tutorials on
But here are the basics.
learn to wheel walk.
learn to 1 foot wheel walk.
start 1 foot wheel walking down a hill and then start to push and slide your foot back letting it go with the wheel.

OH MY GOD kevin, your coasting is soooooo good.
Keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

I have just finished making a tutorial on how to ww, 1ft ww and glide.

Thanks, for sharing. :smiley: