Coasting Competion

I want to learn to coast but need motivation. First one to coast for 30’ gets this sigg
30 foot coast


  1. Must be a coast. Not a glide. Feet can be on frame or extended, as long as there is no contact of any kind with wheel or pedals. Coasting must be executed on a level surface (not a slope).

  2. cannot have done it before.

  3. Must be on video.

  4. Must be 30 feet from when your feet leave the pedals to where your back foot lands.

  5. Must be approved by other competitors.

Edit: 6. Must be on a unicycle. (Thanks Terry)

Begins Monday.

I’m in! But only if I can do it on a bike lol! Good luck competitors!:slight_smile:

I’ve been working on this…so maybe I’ll start trying harder for this :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a go. I coasted about 2m from gliding the other day lol. But don’t expect me to win coz I don’t have 30’ of concrete at my house.

I have no “level” surface that I can use anywhere. There is only down my street, and that is slightly (barely barely) sloped. Acceptable?

PS, Your trophy tag SUX! (No offense)

*)—,:stuck_out_tongue: '30ft Coaster~

*)---,:p '30ft Coaster~

Sure i guess that is acceptable. And none taken. That one is better so we will use that.

Another question, does the coast have to be landed? Foot back on pedals?
Also, how do we measure and film?

Yeah im in and it shouldnt have to landed on the pedals because that makes it way harder. It should just be about the coastin no landing, you can always learn that later.:slight_smile:

lmao ill give it a crack but i cant really glide so ill just have to learn coasting first.Man it must be fun to be able to coast that far.

Isn’t that xtremely dangerous and a thing you shoodnt do cos you fall backwards and hurt your self really bad…? Or are we just doing it anyway?

You’re thinking of grinding.

Naw, hes thinking of unicycling.

Just do it.

Im in.

Has anybody ever even coasted that far? I haven’t seen anyone… and I can understand why having tried it.

I’m in, but I doubt I’ll do it!

From the UNICON XIII results page: 1st Place in Track Coasting (Expert) - Daiki Izumida, 154.10 meters (505.577 feet)

Oh my…

No it doesn’t and what I’m gonna do is make 1ft chalk increments on the ground.

And at Unicon IIX, Kato Yuuichiro went about 200 meters. That was competition Track Coasting, not coasting for distances. The first time we did a Unicon coasting competition it was for distance, on a nice smooth road with a very slight decline. Jose Roman and Kato Yuuichiro about tied that one at something that I remember being somewhere between 400-800 meters.

hell, i compete in all things

I’m absolutely in, just need to set up a camera next time I ride and start trying to transition out of my longer coasts–the longer ones are to pavement so I still qualify, right?

can my measurements involve revolutions of the wheel and calculations derived from said?
or else regulation basketball court lines?

360 inches in 30 feet,
20" wheel diameter times pi equals just over 62.83 inches
divide it out and you get 5.7 revolutions of the wheel

so if I film myself landing 6 revs would that work?