Coasting coming on!

I was just outside practicing and I can almost coast! I got about 2 or 3 metres tops, but it feels great! I am 95% sure I will have it in the next couple weeks if I practice hard. While I’m at it, do you have any tips at all if I have it going as much as I do? Oh, and I started from 1ft riding really smooth and then just let go! I randomly tip foreward or backward, so I don’t really need to lean a certain way. I think practice is the key, and now that I have the motivation I will be able to a lot! :slight_smile:


ive been able to glide for almost a year, and have never found out. what is the way to get into coasting? and is there an easy transition from gliding into it. what do you do tyler?

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Thats cool tyler, the other day i decided to try to coast and i made it like 20 feet on one of my attempts, the rest of the time i made it like 3’ so i think it was luck. Keep practicing :smiley:

The way of have been practicing is by gradually building up. I start by doing a short 1 revolution coast (5 feet on a 20" i think?) with my leg extended (i prefer that way for some reason) and then get out of it by going back to regular riding. Then i go up to 2 revolutions, then 3, and then 4, etc… After i try that then i just see how far i can go.

The farthest one i landed i think was 8 revolutions of the pedals (40 feet?) leg extended and around 30 feet with both feet on the frame and then swtiching to gliding to get out if it.

As far as I know, there is no secret to coasting. You should have to practice until you get it. I’m learning to coast in a circle, then touch my foot down and do a little pirouette thing, or backspin into backward coasting. I haven’t gotten beyond the pirouette part yet, but I think I will soon. Can anyone else do this?

There was a key for me getting into coasting (though I can’t do it stable yet): Put some (or some more) weight on the frame with your feet. I was told to do this and BAM - I immediately made like 2 full revolutions. Now, 4 weeks after this hint I can coast about 10 metres - sometimes :wink:


Ya, you have to learn a totally new way to balance, like when you first learn to ride but much much harder.

Julien Monney does is this in the Koxx-One Freestyle Video while coasting one-leg extended. Although his foot never touches the ground. Are you trying with both feet on the frame or one foot extended. I think i have seen some japanese riders do it with both feet on the frame.

Oh, someone left me rep on this thread with no comment? Just wondering who it was.

I know of several people who can do the skill I mentioned. I was wondering if anyone here could do it, and perhaps give me a little advice.

I’m doing it leg extended. While I can coast foot in reasonably well, I’m far better at leg extended coasting, and I enjoy it more since there are more things you can do with it. I generally only coast foot in when I’m trying to go into stand-up coasting, or going into hand wheel walk.