Coasting and unicylces

are there any unicycles that coast without peddling?

BC wheel. You run and jump on it, and ride down hills.

i want something with pedals

I do believe there are a few free wheeling unicycles out there, yes. Pretty darn hard to ride though.

Do you unicycle already? Or are you looking at getting into the sport but want something that can coast?

ive been unicycling for awhile and know of the bc wheel is and am looking for something to cruise, def not a bc wheel or impossible wheel

Well if you can manage to find one, or assemble one yourself, it’s going to be difficult to learn, and even if you learn how to ride it, it’s probably going to look pretty funky when you ride it (think of how bc wheelers wave their arms all over the place to balance)

You can always get a big wheel and ride faster if that’s what you’re getting at. If you’re looking for something to give you a break while riding though, that’s not gonna happen with a unicycle.

What kind of riding do you wish you could be coasting while you’re doing it?

Also there is always gliding, if you don’t like going down hills.

Hi, like Dane said, it’s not that easy to ride these kind of things. I remember one vid with the freecoasting uni. But the guy who rides it, uses a bmx pegs on it.
btw, this vid is not all about it…

Ah, I remember seeing that - they called it a nobike, or something?

One way to easily build a freewheeling unicycle for fun: [post]1480260[/post]
(The link in that post is dead, but I believe it was referring to this.)

Definitely sounds like a fun thing to mess around on, but judging from the picture I wouldn’t count on it lasting very long.

Here’s a video showing iAmVincent riding a freewheeling unicycle:

See [post=1561436]his post[/post] in that thread for more information.

lol. thank you