coastin tips please

im back from a too long break but im back for sure. but as you can see i want to learn to caost and i was wondering if anyone good ahs any decent tips.(its all new and a bit fancy for me(thats the website im talking about))


Ha…learn hot to wheel walk then one footed wheel walk then put one foot on the frame and other on the tire and lean back and just glide…have the foot on your frame touch the tire to control speed and the foot on the tire to push you and for balance…thats what i do!..G’luck

That’s gliding. He wants coasting (no feet on tire, just frame).

The progression to gliding is the way to start. Don’t waste too much time on coasting if your gliding isn’t very good. Gliding is the easier version.

How well can you glide?

For the move to coasting, you want a real solid grip on your fork, with either one or both feet. One of the best fork crowns for this is the Semcycle XL, Miyata Standard, basic (older?) Torker and similar forks. You lock your instep to the side of the seat tube, so your heel is kind of around the back, while the front part of your foot covers the front edge of the crown. This gives you the ability to put input into the fram to both front and rear. Other frames are probably also very good, but I haven’t tried them.

But get comfortable with your gliding first, and you’ll spend a lot less time getting back on. Coasting being harder, expect it to take a lot longer to get consistent.

i dont know the link, but go to the unicyclopedia. jsm had a big part in that, and its really descriptive and has a few good vids.

Another to remember is when you go from 1 ft riding to coasting that your speed and balance doesnt change. You want to be balanced the same way as you were when riding one foot.

Be sure to try coasting with both legs in and with one leg extended to see which way you like better. For me (my coasting still needs working but im getting it), i like leg extended better because i can use my foot to balance and its easier to get back to the pedals.