Coast to Coast charity ride - one day to go!

Afternoon all,
Some of you may remember me posting about a coast to coast charity ride a while back. This is just to say that it’s on this Friday to Sunday.
I’ll be in Whitehaven about 10am, and will set off for Tynemouth 140 odd miles away and over some very large hills (by English standards, they’re molehills to many people on here but they scare me!)
I’m planning on making Newcastle by 4pm Sunday to watch England make a meal out of beating Ecuador and on towards another hideously unfair quarter-final exit, possibly with disallowed Sol Campbell goal in extra time. I’ll be at the coast that evening all being well.

The charity I’m raising money for is the Cambridge Mongolian Disaster Appeal (have a look at their website, explains better than I can: Many of you have sponsored me already, and I’m really greatful for all your help so thankyou:p
For anyone who I haven’t pestered, it really is a fantastic cause and does lifesaving work so if you’d like to sponsor me please visit
I’d be eternally greatful of all donations no matter how small so please give whatever you can.

I’ll do a writeup and post photos next week. I really hope I won’t be writing about how my old knee injury flared up after 10 miles but training has gone well so fingers crossed.
All that remains is to pack as much Soreen and glucose tabs as possible into one rucksack and I’m away!
Oh yeah, and get a map. Maps are alwals useful. Not that I’m underprepared or anything :astonished:

Good luck with it and have fun. I’ll look forward to the write up and photos.


Yes good luck and I hope your knee holds out.
See you in a few weeks!