Coast flaw?

There was another thread about the posibility(sp?) of a coasting machine, and there probably were a gazillion more…After thinking about my double-hub design thing, I realized there was a loophole, that with my design the rider would have to literally lift the cranks and, not only would it be uncomfortable, but you wouldn’t be resting your leg muscles at all, and it would be more uncomfortable than before, and if I made specially designed pedals, it would be uncomfortable to put on, and almost impossible to free mount! And the extreme rider just wouldn’t take it…But there’s a bigger loophole yet, and I’m not sure it would be a lot of a loophole until I try it…the ultimate question, would the rider be able to coast longer than he/she can do a standsill? Or would it be like on a bike, that as long as you have speed you can stay up easily? I wouldn’t like to use bearings due to the fact that it would make it a one-way drive, and I wouldn’t like the location of the brakes, and what if you need to idle to wait to cross the street? It would be annoying if you were making the video comparing how the coasing unicycle would be better or worse for street(SOMEONE’s gonna wonder) and you’re doing the transition to hop standing on the wheel and as you turn the unicycle and/or yourself you lose balance! You forgot to use the brakes…rats! Or you’re demonstrating a rolling hop when some suicidal or blind dude decides to cross getting right in the middle of your way and you reach for the brakes and fall off…close call for both! On a normal uni, with the same situation you wouldn’t have to reach for the brakes, you’d just have to stop pedalling and THEN fall off, less close call…Any more problems? :thinking:

[RIGHT]I felt like signing this, weird,

Just out of curiosity… Why not just ride a normal uni and put your feet up on the frame when you want to coast?


It would take too long to learn! :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, I need something to entertain me in the rainy days…(not really) but I’m disbalanced and it takes longer to learn tricks and stuff…Unis weren’t invented for disbalanced people… :roll_eyes:

you could use a BC! thats like permanently coasting on a uni!

Good idea…BC plates on the web? First site you can think of! Besides Bedford?

uhhh…someone was selling a good pair not too long ago.
or you could embark on making your own.
i made a primitive BC from a 8" childrens bike tire and two pieces of L-bracket i drilled holes in. the 1/4" axle bent after a couple days, but it was halfway decent!

'K, cool! Thanks!

no prob!
tis what im here for.

1,581 posts…yeah, you’re experienced… :sunglasses: