Coast diary 1 hour a day

Hi! i´m training at coasting, and i can coast a little bit and want to see how long it will take for me to coast 15 metres, with coasttraining exactly one hour a day, and then i´m taping it when i´m done.
And now, how long time do you think it will take if i´m starting tomorrow?
If someone else want to do the same thing, practise 1 hour a day and see how many day it will take it´s free to compete :slight_smile:

( it think it would be cool to try but if you don´t like this thread, just erase it)

I dunno, I have probably put over 24 hours into practicing coasting and I can’t even go 5 feet.

Shall we turn this thread into a 30 foot coast comp?

30 feet isn’t long enough. You can coast 30 ft with very little actual coasting practice just from having a smooth surface and being good at 1 ft riding.

The trick is going 30 ft and transitioning out of it.

Or going a few hundred meters on a track :slight_smile:

Good luck to you.

Yeah, it’s tough before you can either pedal up to it smoothly or correct any problems once you’re already going.

I recall a couple days of just 1 foot riding, taking my foot off the pedal, and immediately falling off.

Thirteen hundredth post!

I´m not changing it to that comeptition, that isn´t really the point


I recall a couple of months…and counting. I think there is something wrong with what I’m doing.[/RIGHT]

It helps to have a higher seat and shorter cranks. I would work more on variations of 1ft riding if you’re having trouble coasting.

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I don’t believe this at all, to coast thirty feet you need to be able to coast. There’s no way you could just fake it. Did you mean 30 inches or something?

Nah, he meant 30 ft.

Depending on how smooth the surface is, you really don’t have to make that many corrections, and some of them are similar to riding at maximum speed.

I can roll my uni and make it coast ~10 feet all by itself;)

Don’t tell me what I meant!

Besides, I never said you could go 30 feet with NO practice…



Ha, I have my seat really high right now and kinda short crannks(127mm), and I can ride one-footed with both feet, with the other foot on or off the frame, in a figure eight, and backwards 1f 35 feet. Still no luck coasting. :([/RIGHT]

Hey petad why are you orienting everything to the right?

Why are you orienting everything to the left?

Because that’s what it just does. No effort required and it’s easier to read.

Exactly. Now, back on topic, I’m probably going to get a KH doublecrown for Christmas, that will hopefully help with coasting. I’ll practice more today, I’m gonna try 1 foot extended, maybe it’ll make it easier.

[RIGHT]Coasting is easy

I can go like 60 feet[/RIGHT]

I don’t think the doublecrown would be very good for coasting, I like being able to tilt my feet around.

I’ve been looking into the KH 08 frame for freestyle, though… I haven’t had any problems with feet slipping off of my KH (2007)frame, but I occasionally slide down the side of my Nimbus frame doing stand up ww.

Thanks for sharing. I am glad you are so humble in your attempt to help others learn new skills.

Well, the KH DC will probably be better than my crappy Torker LX.