CNN coverage (sort of) of NAUCC!

This is from CNN’s “Offbeat Images” this week.

“Offbeat Images”

That’s the photo that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Thursday, August 7, under the “One-wheel wonders” headline.

I think it’s Jerry Gruss, Texas; Roger Magnuson, MN; John Riter, MN; [(I don’t know) of (I don’t know)]; and Steve DeKoekkoek, WA.

I should know that fourth racer’s name. Is it Mike?

Cool. But what’s offbeat about it?


Good photo! And my riding buddy Jerry is in front! Wish I could have been there.


Nice pic! If I’m not mistaken, the fourth rider would be Norm Cowan of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


It is a nice photo, it’s not bad exposure, and, I’ll say it, it’s nice to see something other than MUni and someone other than KH making the news.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Go, Jer, GO!! You can take those guys, I know it.

Great photo and Raphael is right as usual: good, positive exposure.

I didn’t intend to suggest CNN’s coverage wasn’t positive.

The “(sort of)” bit in my thread title referred only to the amount of coverage, not the tone.

Of course it’s a great pic! Nothing wrong with the caption, either.

The post was only meant to spread the word here.
I thought it was cool that NAUCC made it into the international mainstream webnews.