CNC Wilder Lift Handle

While taking apart my saddle today, I noticed that my $75 CNC Wilder Lift Handle has developed a very tiny crack between the bolt hole and the rear edge. I haven’t noticed any decline in performance, and the handle is still rock-solid, but I’m sure it will eventually fail.

Up until now, though, I’ve been very pleased with the handle. It’s put up with a lot of abuse with barely any wear. And zero flex - a far cry from the newer miyata handles.

That said, I would NOT recommended purchasing this handle. The price is just too high to have it begin to fall apart after only 2 months of use.


I know this is an old thread, but call John Drummond about it. It can’t hurt. Also, send Scott Bridgeman an email at

scott (at)

He made them, I am sure he’d like to know about any failures. Maybe he can help you out. Dunno.

If you really happen to see this thread again, give an update.

hey Mr.Obvious

how is your handle now?do you have any pictures of the failer zone?

an update would be cool.