CMW trials course: what do you want?

Hey everyone!

It’s looking like we will end up building a course, so what do you guys want for lines?

If you can make them in google sketchup for me, awesome!
If not, just describe them to me, and I’ll try to get them done.


Skinnys to jump to, much like a ladder, but with different heights and length to each bar. A few bars two feet apart, going up 5 inches each time, 4 foot gap going a foot down, 1.5 feet going up. You get the idea.

Some what long skinny to ride. About 2-4 inches wide, have it curve, dip, and rise. Make it like a roller coaster. Some straight regular skinnys would work too.

A small set, maybe 2 or three teeter-totters.

Good gaping, ups, and technical opportunities. So posts, ramps, pallets set up like this /, and just basic stacks of different amounts so people can use them as stairs, try gaping over parts, going for the biggest moves, or being able to use the whole course.

If you want I have some stuff I could bring down with me I’ve built, or have laying around.

Make sure to have an assortment of lines for riders of all abilities. It would be disappointing for some riders to have a course where every line is too difficult for them. Start with some pads / stumps / blocks with gaps of just a few inches, and work your way up from there.

At the other extreme, it would be good to have a line or two that no rider would be able to complete. If the competition ends with several riders completing all lines, and a tiebreaker must be used to determine the winner, then all you’ve had is a tiebreaker competition, not a trials competition.

Ping Corbin for his trials course gallery (if you don’t have the link already) for some ideas… although it makes heavy use of trees.

What kind of materials do you have to work with? How much space do you have for your trials course? Once we know these things, then it might be easier to make suggestions for you.