CMW Poison Oak

The evil weed(no not that one) was ubiquitous at CMW, especially Noble Canyon. I UPD’d right into the middle of a poison oak bush! When I got home hours later, I showered with Technu a solution that is supposed to remove the oils that cause the reaction. I waited anxiously the next few days as I am pretty sensitive to the stuff. Only ended up with about 4 little bumps on my arm that itched for a day or so.:smiley: I highly recommend Technu.

Anyone get nailed by the stuff?

I was well aware of the presence of the evil weed, but it didn’t get me this time. I’ve developed a riding style that avoids the touching of any plant matter when I’m in areas where poison oak can grow. In CA terms, that usually means areas with decent amounts of shade. On the shady side of hills/mountains it’s much more likely to be around, while on the sunny side you see a whole different collection of plants.

Tecnu is great stuff, but is only effective if you apply it in time. My worst poison oak experience was falling directly onto a plant on our local Stevens Trail a few years ago. I got a big scrape and the evil oils got direct access under my skin and possibly into my bloodstream. In less than a week it looked like my forearm had been exposed to massive radiation and I had to get shots and major antibiotics!

Here’s a picture of a great sign that’s posted near one of our local trails in Folsom. Note the stuff can get you year-round, even when there are no leaves and only sticks!


Jim you are lucky that’s all you got! I saw you fall into that huge poison oak bush and thought for sure you would get it bad. I avoided any plants on the whole trail down after seeing your fall and must have done a good job as I didn’t get any. It actually makes the trails more challenging/fun when you have to avoid plants!

Got it for the very first time! must have touched a shrub with my gloves and when I rubbed my nose and that was it! 48 hours later I have a nasty little blister right where I had rubbed it, and it’s starting to itch. I have to go buy some tecnu today and wash EVERYTHING!

I read some interesting facts about poison oak, like: “1/4 ounce of urushiol (substance that causes the rash) is all that is needed to cause a rash in every person on earth:astonished: