CMW from Washington

Is anyone from WA driving to CMW? because if you are you should pm me… would be cool to head down there with some people

I am passing through, PM sent.

If you’re coming down the 5, Scott Arnold may want to join up with you (space permitting). But I don’t have his email address with me at work, so not sure if that’s helpful…

Not going down the 5 but if anyone else needs a ride on the east side of Washington or Oregon I could have room for two more. I will give people rides down if they want but am planning on putsing around for a few days and am not going to give anyone a ride back home.

I told Phil that and I am not sure if he wants the ride down without a ride back up.

So if you have room for Phil on the way back or both ways let him know since I can only give him a ride one way

You wouldn’t want him stranded out there would you?

pick up madison and the other phil from washington

Are you telling me that I should pick up Madison and the other Phil or that you are?

I am probably not going to have internet after this morning so if they want a ride they will have to call me.

My phone number is in my profile.

Just to reiterate I can give people rides down but won’t give anyone a ride back home.



For those heading South from the Northwest, I’m leaving Wednesday after work from Corvallis Oregon and heading down to about Redding. Thrusday early I’m going to do a ride around Whiskeytown Lake (home of the Whiskeytown Classic Mountain Bike Race) then leaving for Truckee around noon. If your schedule somewhat matches and you want to join me for a fun pre-weekend ride drop me a PM. I do have room for one in the truck if you need a ride. I may also repeat the Whiskeytown lake ride on the way home.

I highly recommend Shasta Mine and Buck Hollow trails (they’re on the downstream side of the Whiskeytown lake. They’re part of the Whiskeytown 9-5 endurance race weekend after next (Buck Hollow is on Classic xc course). On the other side of the dam, the Icebox/Recliner trails are pretty sweet. Wish I was going to be around for CMW but have to spend the weekend with my father in Medford while my stepmom has hip surgery, so I will be going the opposite direction!

You could always stop in Chico on the way home and ride in Upper Bidwell Park. It’s something of a mountain biker’s mecca, and I’m lucky to get to ride those trails as much as I want. If you’re coming back through on Monday, I might be able to ride with you, depending on time of day.

Pkittle, I’ve done the Shasta Mine loop a few times and like it a lot. I was thinking about maybe riding to one of the falls this time. Do you have any trail tips on either the Brandy Creek Falls trail or the Boulder Creek Falls trail?
Bidwell Park sounds like fun. I think driving to Chico from Truckee after the Sunday ride sounds very doable. An early ride to beat the heat then a drive to Corvallis sounds like a real good plan.