CMW 05 shoes...

Ya thas right the orange simple shoes from 2005 CMW Santa Barbara. Two questions about them…Who still has there pair, and who is rockin them at Moab this year?! I remember seein a few pairs rollin around Moab last year, but im curious as to who is old school enough to still have theres and rock them at Moab!!?

I’ve still got my pair and they’re in great shape. Thing is, I haven’t worn them for unicycling as I tend to tear shoes apart when riding. I’ve been using ‘em for disc golfing instead. That’s plenty of rockin’ and rollin’.

Not going to Moab, though. Just did Uninam, and that’s enough riding for this month :smiley:

I think I wore mine out. They were great everyday shoes, but I did not like them for unicycling. No ankle support for MUni. And it slips off the frame for freestyle riding.

we all know they were death for ridin in, I think Eyal sprained an ankle in them before, but they are great drivin and walkin shoes…comfy and orange :smiley:

I think of mine as my post-muni kick back shoes - kinda like how patagonia sells flip flops to wear after a long day of trekking.

If you’ve worn through your pair, they have a great website: