Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, April 11th

…was the first time I’ve ever seen any other unicyclists without having prearranged it.

Unfortunately my brother and I weren’t riding at the time and I was too overawed with the urge to shout “You’ve lost a wheel!” to actually find out who it was.

A lap of the lake looks like a great place to go for a ride… the trails are quite nice and there are loads of cyclists to show off too… :slight_smile:

Was it you?


It wasn’t me, although it is one of my occasional riding places. There’s a good lap of the lake, and plenty of interesting mud plugging in the nearby forest.

Wonder who it was. Gary (Unicus) is from this area.

Wasn’t me, nice place to ride though.

What unicycle were they riding Phil? Maybe it was one of my sons mates (Onza riders).

Cheers, Gary

It was two people, possibly father and son, both on trials-tyred 20"s. I didn’t think they looked like onzas but I could have been wrong…

Mysterious indeed.


One of them was an onza, the new style one, with yellowy bits on the frame.