Just wondering how you guys run your clubs. I’m actually starting a club at my high school, just waiting for one more administrative approval. Any cool teaching exercises? I’m gonna be the only in the club who already knows how to ride. Fundraising ideas to pay for club unis?

Which country are you from? the answer to you question really depends on that.



Check out the blog. It gives a rough idea of what we’re doing here.

As far as loaners, we got a couple from a local bike shop and I kept an eye out for other cheap ones on Craigslist and the forums.

Patience is the key. Building a base takes time.

We’re available to help. Give a ring.

sweet I’m trying to do the same thing at my high school. There are two other kids that have some riding ability that I know of. It’ll be more of a general skills club. Unicycling, Juggling, Yo-yos, diablo, devil sticks, footbagging, slack line etc… are all included. Basically people can do whatever they want with other people who will appreciate it.

thanks for all the advice. As of right now, the club is created. I just got the go-ahead:D

Our club rides in a gym most of the year and uses the lines on the floor as goals to reach prior to using the USA/IUF Skill Levels. Each goal has a color and a cheap plastic bead that corrosponds to the same color. Once a rider passes a goal they receive a bead for that color. The kids like to put the beads on their shoe laces (depending on the age of your riders).

The goals look like this:


  • Name all the parts of a uni
  • Ride past the nearest line on the floor (a couple of pedals)
  • Ride past the next line (wherever yours is)
  • Ride past half court (short way)
  • Ride accross the gym (short way)
  • Ride the length of the gym (long way) [/LIST]

    After that you can start with the USA Skill Levels. Any rider will need the basic skills taught there for the first few levels, regardless of their riding style preference. After that you can tailor to indivudual wants/needs.

    Good luck!