Are they any good? Comparable to or better than Torker?

I love my club 24" uni! Very solid and reliable, never had any issues with it. The only problem with it was the seat that came with it was very uncomfortable, so I swapped it.


Seat can’t posibly be as bad as torker, though. Talk about an ass-buster.

Anyway, it says on product description that the frames are nimbus. So what’s the difference, then? Also, i gather that club is’s house brand (not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that.) Is that true?

The Club is’s house brand. The hub is cotterless, but I’ve never had any issues of the interface needing tightening. I think it’s because they use CrMO for the hub and not some softer material. That’s the usual problem with cheap unicycles (I’ve had this frequently with no name chinese unis and Aldi unis).
As to seat comfort, you’ll have to experience it yourself. The post has a 25.2mm diameter with standard interface so it’s easy to change to any other standard seat. Certainly when I tried the seat that came on mine, it felt horrendous.

UDC seems to have several house brands: the UDC trainer/titan series, club, impact, nimbus…

It also seems like the leaf and hoppley are potentially also house brands.

It might actually be easier to list the brands that they do not own.

and modern Schwinn unicycles are also UDC (under license) IIRC.