Club ???

Has anyone used this make before if so are they anygood for flatland ( 20’’ trials im talking about )

Please recommend



Club is a house brand, similar to Nimbus but lower on the price/quality scale. They are comparable to Torker LX unicycles - if you do a lot of hopping and jumping off of things sooner or later the square taper cranks and/or hub will give out. I learned to ride on a 24" Club but when I figured out I wanted to learn to hop around and ride trails I got a Nimbus 24" MUni. I still ride the Club around the neighborhood and use it to practice basic freestyle skills.

its a gooduni, mine stood up to a lot of hopping and small drops and stuff, but not anything too big, and i was always scared of breaking it, if you dont want to be scared of breaking it get a nimbus or KH or something

I will be using it for flatland

or would you recomend me spending a little more on a koxx one

buy a Nimbus with KH Moment cranks and Rollo disks, now you got a really good cheap flatland uni, witch can be use for street and trials also!:slight_smile: