club t-shirt.....?

Hey all, I’m about to make a club t-shirt (get it made, that is)

and on the back, I’m thinking of making a lisence plate (thanks Drewnicyle) one of the options so far is…


This came up, not becasue of the publication, but becasue of the letter/number combo. Do you think this is not cool, for the people at the on one wheel mag?

I don’t think there is an issue with “on1wheel”. Theres is “On One Wheel”. No sweat. If I were still USA President, I’d say “More power to ya!”

In New York you get 8 characters on your license plate. How about “UNICYCLE”?

In CA all I could get was “UNICYCL”.

“unicycle” is just too blatant. i figure this way, would get more people to concentrate

No. That’s dangerous. And people don’t want to “concentrate” because it hurts. What you are doing sounds irresponsible to me. I’m going back to my TV. mmmmmmmmm…TV!


Howsa bout:

~~circular sensation~~
Every Little Move I Make

(find a nice graphic artist)
If you use it, can I get one? Tom.

Going for the H20-NYC style eh?

I played off of this once before with a snowboarding shirt I was designing… I didnt win our design contest but it was still a neat logo, didnt work for a sticker though (I think thats what did me in) I like the UNI-CYCL and for the dash I would put in a guy doing a wheel grab sweet wheel grab shadow (you know like Major League Base ball’s logo) I know many states in the US have things in the middle for the dash, PA used to have a keystone, New York has the Statue of Liberty?

What is gonna be the logo on the front?

the logo on the front will simply be the LUC wordwheel as seen on my site. (not spinning though, unfortunately)

here in Ontario, we have a little crown in the middle, I may modify that into a uni of sorts

I’ll run a vote at the club, but so far, the ideas are (in license plates)




tuni :wink:


or, not in a license plate, simply: never two tired (not original, but oh well)

there doesnt seem to be any graphic artists amongst us, so it’ll be very simple

I’m open for any other ideas, as well…nothing about death squads, though :smiley:

My sugestion would be to use the licence plate on front or back, and on the other side Make a road sign for London Unicycling. This keeps continunity and a theme for the shirt.

I have always liked this style road sign

untitled-1 copy.bmp (4.74 KB)

This would’ve been so much easier if I had photoshop 7
-Jonathan Ware-


I messed arround with a highway sign for a bit to give you an idea of what I was talking about for the one side of the shirt…

london logo copy.jpg

hey Chex, that’s really neat.

You may be in for a free shirt :slight_smile:

Now you’ve done it- you’ve encouraged Tom; it’s mindelessly humming show-tunes for us untill July.

Humm… doesn’t 6 have text-to-path? Of course, you could plot a start and center point, put each character on the start point and do a rotation with the center of the transformation moved out to the center point… or map it to a sphere… or… or…



(getting by on 5.5)

Howsa Bout:



If Ever I would MUni, how would it be in Springtime?
MUni-ing in springtime theres mud in my teeth.
I’d MUni in springtime. Summer, winter, and Fall.
If I had my druthers,
I’d do nuthing but MUni at all.


TUni with the Fringe on top.

(somebody stop me)

I think I improved on my design…

london logo 2 copy.jpg

I’ll take 500! :smiley:

Chex, I think the funniest part of your logo/street sign is that is says ontario on it and at the bottom it says “government of Alberta”. did you do that on purpose?


Originally the pix I found of your lovely canadian sign said alberta and not ontario at all. I know that Sofa and his club are not in alberta but rather ontario so I changed it. The bottom part was left over from the original pix and I didnt have the heart to crop it.

Hooray more shirts!

I really like the liscence plate design, and the street sign design. i’ll have to buy one from you when you get them made. Good luck making the shirts.


Cool, Ryan, on that note, we’re thinking about custom BMX style jerseys from sugoi, they’d be about $60, with a minimum order of 12…so far we have 3 interested. I haven’t actually approached the entire club with this yet, but when I do, would you want one of them, too?

somthing like this, I think…