Club saddle light

I was trying to figure out how to mount a cheap headlight I bought on Amazon on to my unicycle.
Mounting to the frame didn’t work because it points more out and not down at the ground, Plus your knees interfere with the lighting.

I noticed this L bracket I had laying around I think it May have came with a bookshelf or a dresser meant as a way to help prevent tipping over but I never used it, and thought it could have some potential for mounting the light to the underside of my saddle

I cut it in half and drilled a hole on the other side and then added a 2 1/2 inch long machine screw with some nuts and a piece of clear tubing to give the light’s clip something thicker to grip on to.
I haven’t tried ridng with it yet but it seems like it will work OK… it doesn’t seem like my knees will interfere with the light and you can adjust the angle up or down.

Anyway thought I would share:


In Australia bike riders have to ride with helmets. So, attaching a light to a helmet is an option here. Its not very hard once you work out how to do it
and you can use that helmet riding any uni or bike.
I would also do the same with the bag I carry. Usually I can clip a light to a backpack strap, and a red light to my backpack.

In the UK at least the lights must be attached to the cycle. You can have a helmet light as well if you like, but it’s not legal to have just that.

@Blueblade, I like it!
I’ve previously (before using bars) mounted lights to the seat tube, but it’s not an ideal position as your legs get in the way and produce annoying moving shadows on either side, the position is lower, it’s hard to get the angle correct, and many bike lights have a specific reflector pattern designed for mounting horizontally (in order to sufficiently illuminate the road, but not blind oncoming traffic).
I’ll be interested to know how well it holds the angle. It seems like there are a few potential ways it could slip, and the constant vibrations of the road may cause it to do so over time.