Club Recruiting Day at Bishop's!

Well, we had a “Club Day” at Bishop’s University today, to try and recruit freshmen into the clubs, and we had an ok day. 2 interested frosh, one can’t ride, one can :slight_smile: And we had some fun doing some simple demos. Like riding. I managed a couple 180 unispins, and a drop off a picnic table, dropping off a bench and up/down stairs. Somehow I hurt my ankle too, and am hopping like a 1-legged… thing all over my apartment.
Also showed some videos, the awesome Swedish one by Andreas Hornman (Spelling?) and someone else… (sorry, brain collapsed), as well as a couple club videos and the UNick video I did this summer. Some people commented on my sanity… :wink:

And one girl walked by the table and said to her friend
“My brother does that”
and I said “Your brother rides?”
and she said “Yeah, but he rides one of the mountain ones… Kind of stupid.”
And I said “Thanks, that’s what I ride :P” I’d like to think that she felt embarrased, but I don’t think she cared enough :wink:

So, if you’re a muni rider from Calgary who’s sister goes to BU, give her a noogie at X-mas, 'cause she said your muni is stupid, and it hurt me… on the inside… :wink:

hey nick

how long is lenoxville from montreal?

one day we could ride together or something like this I don’t know. It’s good to see new rider in quebec.

Sherbrooke, so it’s not too far.