Club Performance Team

We are putting together a performance team from our club to perform at special events, similar to TCUC’s Showgroup, only on a much lesser scale for the time being. We’ve come up with a name and designed a logo for the group. Any constructive criticism on the logo from graphic design-heads would be great.



Its really good.

I cant see much I dont like with it. Great Job

that about sums it up

since it will be for performance, are u doing anything on the back?

team member’s name might be nice but will increase the cost substantially

will this be worn with ‘matching’ pants and headgear?
that design will look pretty kewl printed onto a black bandana that will look pretty kewl worn under the helmet…

how good to i have to get before u’ll fly me out as guest-performer?


Very nice.

Absolutely Right. Very nice indeed. Good job Bruce.



Hi! Nice shirt. If I had to offer a suggestion, I’d say make the O (representing the wheel) a bit bigger than the other letters, just enough that you can tell it was intentional. That will draw the eye to the unicycle more.

A more silly request would be to make the shirt say “Re-Animator” instead, or at least put a Zombie head on it. Sorry, I just recently saw that “classic cult horror movie” Re-Animator from 1985 and the brain-reactivation fluid in the syringe has the same creepy (but cool!) neon green glow!

Anyway, all around, cool shirt.


Great idea. I’ll give it a go. I thought about spoking out the “wheel” but I think that would be overkill. I like more simplicitic logos. They make it easier to catch the meaning.


The design is cool. If the shirts are to be used in performances, remember they will not be readable at that time. What you will want then is an overall matching of riders. If you wear black pants, it might make the unicycles harder to see. A different color is recommended. Probably not re-animator green.

I like it too. I agree with the suggestion to make the unicyclist/O figure a bit bigger. Maybe that symbol could also be blown up to double size or so and used by itself on the other side of the shirt (more $ probably though).

The TCUC here uses black pants (or shorts) in our uniform. Black pants work in a purely practical/economical respect, as they can be worn for other purposes, and most club members will probably already have a pair. I imagine that having custom pants made up would be quite expensive. Contrasting shirts are good though. You could reverse the colors, and have the alien-green shirt with a black logo. But the black shirt is cool…