Club Names?

Hello all,

My friends and I (we’re all teenagers) are starting a unicycle club and we would appreciate if anyone could help us think of a clever unicycle club name that we would put on a shirt.

How’s about “Noclevername Unicycle Club” ?

How about “The Other Wheels”

For something more specific, tell us a little bit about yourselves, your area, local attractions you might reference, etc. For example, I had a unicycle group in California’s gold country calld the Gold Country Unicyclists. Before that, a different one with the very clever name of Long Island Unicyclists!

A good name will be a marketing tool for your club; either telling people what it’s about, or what area it represents, etc.

We live in the suburbs of NYC, and we all started unicycling because my friend found a unicycle at the dump and we all like to ride it. Eventually we all upgraded unicycles. Does that help?


I had to include lower case or it turned it all into lower case.

All in the same Suburb? Then you could’ use it’s name. Or you could work with the geographic direktion like “East NY Uniclub” or so.
Or do you have something well known in your area, like an attraction, a landmark or such?

There aren’t really any landmarks locally. We just live in NJ less than 10 minutes from NYC.

The Circus Team
The one-wheeled circus
The NYC Clowns
The Teensycles
NYC Acrobats
The One-wheeled Pirates

Pame your nick! :slight_smile:

Just let your imagination run free.

It is hard enough to get unicycling taken seriously without invoking clowns and circuses.

The Bergen Balancers, The Hackensack Half Bike Club, The Hudson Half Bike Club.

I like the Bergen Balancers. Any other suggestions?

If ‘boys’ is appropriate in your name design a graphic where the y sits on the o in boys so it looks like a unicycle. The top of the y being the seat and the bend at the bottom being a pedal.

I was naturally not serious about those ones :smiley: Surely they could have already come up with some names.

BakUNIn BUNIn CommUNIon CommUNIon’s CommUNIons CommUNIsm CommUNIst CommUNIst’s CommUNIsts EUNIce EUNIce’s JUNIor JUNIor’s JUNIors KommUNIzma KommUNIzma’s MUNIch MUNIch’s PUNIc PUNIc’s ReUNIon TUNIs TUNIs’s TUNIsia TUNIsia’s TUNIsian TUNIsian’s TUNIsians UNICEF’s UNIX’s UNIcode UNIcode’s UNIlever UNIlever’s UNIon UNIon’s UNIons UNIroyal UNIroyal’s UNItarian UNItarian’s UNItarianism UNItarianism’s UNItarianisms UNItarians UNItas UNItas’s ZUNI ammUNItion ammUNItion’s attUNIng bUNIon bUNIon’s bUNIons commUNIcable commUNIcant commUNIcant’s commUNIcants commUNIcate commUNIcated commUNIcates commUNIcating commUNIcation commUNIcation’s commUNIcations commUNIcative commUNIcator commUNIcator’s commUNIcators commUNIng commUNIon commUNIon’s commUNIons commUNIque commUNIque’s commUNIques commUNIsm commUNIsm’s commUNIst commUNIst’s commUNIstic commUNIsts commUNIties commUNIty commUNIty’s disUNIte disUNIted disUNItes disUNIting disUNIty disUNIty’s excommUNIcate excommUNIcated excommUNIcates excommUNIcating excommUNIcation excommUNIcation’s excommUNIcations fUNIcular fUNIcular’s fUNIculars immUNIty immUNIty’s immUNIzation immUNIzation’s immUNIzations immUNIze immUNIzed immUNIzes immUNIzing impecUNIous impecUNIousness impecUNIousness’s importUNIng importUNIty importUNIty’s impUNIty impUNIty’s incommUNIcado jUNIor jUNIor’s jUNIors jUNIper jUNIper’s jUNIpers mUNIcipal mUNIcipal’s mUNIcipalities mUNIcipality mUNIcipality’s mUNIcipally mUNIcipals mUNIficence mUNIficence’s mUNIficent mUNItion mUNItion’s mUNItions neptUNIum neptUNIum’s nonUNIon opportUNIsm opportUNIsm’s opportUNIst opportUNIst’s opportUNIstic opportUNIsts opportUNIties opportUNIty opportUNIty’s pecUNIary petUNIa petUNIa’s petUNIas prUNIng pUNIer pUNIest pUNIsh pUNIshable pUNIshed pUNIshes pUNIshing pUNIshment pUNIshment’s pUNIshments pUNItive reUNIfication reUNIfication’s reUNIfied reUNIfies reUNIfy reUNIfying reUNIon reUNIon’s reUNIons reUNIte reUNIted reUNItes reUNIting telecommUNIcation telecommUNIcation’s telecommUNIcations telecommUNIcations’s tUNIc tUNIc’s tUNIcs tUNIng uncommUNIcative UNIcameral UNIcorn UNIcorn’s UNIcorns UNIcycle UNIcycle’s UNIcycles UNIdentifiable UNIdentified UNIdirectional UNIfication UNIfication’s UNIfied UNIfies UNIform UNIform’s UNIformed UNIforming UNIformity UNIformity’s UNIformly UNIforms UNIfy UNIfying UNIlateral UNIlaterally UNImaginable UNImaginative UNImpaired UNImpeachable UNImplementable UNImplemented UNImportant UNImpressed UNImpressive UNInformative UNInformed UNInhabitable UNInhabited UNInhibited UNInitialized UNInitiated UNInjured UNInspired UNInspiring UNInstall UNInstallable UNInstalled UNInstaller UNInstaller’s UNInstallers UNInstalling UNInstalls UNInsured UNIntelligent UNIntelligible UNIntelligibly UNIntended UNIntentional UNIntentionally UNInterested UNInteresting UNInterpreted UNInterrupted UNInvited UNInviting UNIon UNIon’s UNIonization UNIonization’s UNIonize UNIonized UNIonizes UNIonizing UNIons UNIque UNIquely UNIqueness UNIqueness’s UNIquer UNIquest UNIsex UNIsex’s UNIson UNIson’s UNIt UNIt’s UNItary UNIte UNIted UNItes UNIties UNIting UNIts UNIty UNIty’s UNIversal UNIversal’s UNIversality UNIversality’s UNIversally UNIversals UNIverse UNIverse’s UNIverses UNIversities UNIversity UNIversity’s unpUNIshed whodUNIt whodUNIt’s whodUNIts

elpuebloUNIdo, that’s going to be hard to print on a shirt, lol.

How about New York UNI
with your borough or suburb underneath.


OMG Elpueblo. Stream of consciousness?



I prefer the first :slight_smile:

Edit. It won’t put the space before the 2 letters on the second one. The Y and C should be beneath the N…

This trick can be done on most computers using the command line and a bit of filtering of the computer’s English word-list. For example, there are fewer English words containing the string “upd”.

UPDike UPDate UPDate’s UPDated UPDater UPDates UPDating UPDraft UPDraft’s UPDrafts

Then, there’s my favorite form of riding, SIF:

ParSIFal ParSIFal’s clasSIFiable clasSIFication clasSIFication’s clasSIFications clasSIFied clasSIFied’s clasSIFieds clasSIFies clasSIFy clasSIFying declasSIFied declasSIFies declasSIFy declasSIFying diverSIFication diverSIFication’s diverSIFied diverSIFies diverSIFy diverSIFying emulSIFication emulSIFication’s emulSIFied emulSIFies emulSIFy emulSIFying falSIFiable falSIFication falSIFication’s falSIFications falSIFied falSIFies falSIFy falSIFying intenSIFication intenSIFication’s intenSIFied intenSIFier intenSIFier’s intenSIFiers intenSIFies intenSIFy intenSIFying osSIFication osSIFication’s osSIFied osSIFies osSIFy osSIFying perSIFlage perSIFlage’s reclasSIFied reclasSIFies reclasSIFy reclasSIFying SIFt SIFted SIFter SIFter’s SIFters SIFting SIFts unclasSIFied verSIFication verSIFication’s verSIFied verSIFies verSIFy verSIFying

Palisades Wheel Corps, Kinderkamack Korps or KKKK (Although I think the 10 minute radius doesn’t quite put you to Kinderkamack). Queen Anne Riders. Ridgefield Riders. Have I hit your town yet?

There’s already a New York Unicycle Club. New Jersey needs its own! How about North Jersey Unicyclists? It’s about as clever as “Long Island Unicyclists”, but that worked for us. :slight_smile: