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Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Over the Xmas break, when I’m not so busy with avoiding school to unicycle, I’m gonna have the words spinning like the wheel would, and have the site layout better. It’s a work in progress…

But what do you think about the logo? Not relly too much you can do with unicycles (as far as the crumpled up paper all over my floor tells me)

luc logo sample1.gif

Re: Club Logo

Personally, I like the solid colors and the simplicity of your design. The only change I’d make is not having the frame in the shape of an “L”. Since the name is spelled out as the wheel, the frame being an 'L" doesn’t add anything in terms of meaning and is, I think, less visually appealing that a straight and therefore, symmetrical frame would be.

My 2 cents.

Nice job,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I love the idea! Personally I would change the font of the L. Perhaps make the top look more like a saddle and the bottom without the tail on the back. Overall it’s a great idea.

That’s my two cents

It looks perfect just as it is.

Great work. I think you should keep the ‘L’.

I think I like this modified L better

luc logo sample2.gif

Can’t wait to see the spinning words.

I think that your website should clearly state that you all are in Canada, and perhaps where therein, rather than England. I personally keep making that mistake until I see that you are going to ride with the Toronto club.

Spinning words would be great. My only comment is that the word club in the position that it’s in seems to be hard to read. You’re not going to be able to spin the words on a tee-shirt. I’m not sure how to incorporate the “L” into this design but the words would be easier to read on a designed tee-shirt. Perhaps spokes in the center of the wheel and the “L” above the wheel indicating some sort of frame.



Here is a logo I came up with for a summer school project.



Me, too, Brutus.

Humm… could use some Billy Idol referance, though…

(a curious side note that you may appreciate: William picked the name ‘Idol’ as a homonym to the title bestoed by a grade school teacher, ‘Billy Idle’. Takes on new meening, yes?)


Hey, I got it spinning! But man am I tired :frowning:

Most impressive! I could sit there and stare at it for hours…

Phil, just me

Whaaa…oh…I guess I have been staring at it for hours. Very hypnotic.

Next challange, find a way to keep it spinning on tee-shirt. (Where do you hide the battery pack?)

I have been…I’m gonna be a damn Zombie during my exam today (this preoccupied my studying time :slight_smile: )

That looks fantastic! I especially like the forward lean.

Thanks, U.

I completely blew my whole school day today (other than the exam, that ended up being fairly easy, whew) working on the site

It’s gotten a complete makeover, and actually looks pretty professional

if any one is interested…

wrong link, well, it’s in my signature

Looks great. I like it.
If we get a minimum order of 12 we can get custom jerseys from Sugoi. I don’t know how the words will spin on the jerseys though:)