club juggling

hey guys can any of you juggle with clubs, i can very confidently juggle with three balls and i was hoping some of you could give me some tips because i just bought my first set of clubs cheers:D

Take 1 club, get comfy with throwing from one hand to the other with a single spin. Throw the club from the middle and not the end of the club. After that, throw 2 just like you would in a regular ball cascade. Then you’re set to go. Shouldn’t take you more than 10 min to get comfy since you’re confident with 3 balls.

Good job on the juggling, keep it up!
If you check in the Just conversation Forum, you will find several other juggling threads. There are many jugglers among us and you will find a ton of help!

Podzol is right…Go to JC and look for a thread called “Juggling Clubs” three guesses what its about.

Why would people assume that Juggling is unicycle related and belogns here not in JC.

probally because it’s really Recreation, Sports, and Unicycling…

If you enter from the newsgroup side, you are posting in a group that’s about unicycling; a subset of sports; a subset of recreation. Many new members may not be aware of the other forums or what belong where.