Club insurance through USA?

My unicycling club, the finger lakes one wheelers (FLOW), is in the process of looking for club insurance so we can ride indoors during the winter. We can’t find a place that will let us ride without insurance.

I searched the forums, and found 3 leads from this thread:

These were the leads listed, and I’m going to check them out:
League of American Wheelmen
United States Cycling Federation
Cincinnati Insurance Company

Also, John Foss indicated that the Unicycling Society of America was working on being able help clubs get insurance. Has any progress been made on this since that was posted in September 2003?



I looked at using the USA’s insurance for the festival I recently helped organize. I wouldn’t say any progress has been made (we wound up buying our own insurance).

Connie Cotter thought that it might be possible if all the club members are also USA members. She said that Tom Daniels is the guy who is the contact with the insurance company; I sent him mail but didn’t hear back.

I have just started looking into the League of American Bicyclists (formerly League of American Wheelmen). From what I have found so far on their website ( and talking with them on the phone, it will cost $35/year for our club to become a LAB member club. This will cover insurance for all our meetings, and special event insurance is extra. $35/year is by far the best deal I’ve found so far, so I’m probably going to affiliate our club with the LAB. I specifically asked their insurance agent if unicycle clubs are covered and he said yes they are.

Does anyone here have experience with the League of American Bicyclists?


I didn’t receive your inquiry regarding insurance. How was it sent?

I’m no longer an elected officer of the USA, Inc., so nothing I say should be taken as official in any way.

From my experience earlier this year trying to help Rolf Thompson look into possible insurance for his 2005 Moab MUni event, I don’t believe the USA, Inc.'s current general liability policy is going to be able to be extended to cover individual clubs and / or non-USA, Inc. events. I believe the officers are planning to try to find more flexible coverage from a different underwriter.

Tom Daniels