Club Freestyle

I an looking to update my uni from a cheap second hand one and an looking at a club freestyle 24 or 26 can anyone who has owned one tell me how it went and if they had any problems I will be using on pathways and light off-road , will the hub and wheel be strong enough. Thanks David

Positive points about my 24" club:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Light (about 5.3kg)
  • Cotterless cranks are cheap if you want to change sizes.
  • Club frame is reported to take a Halo Ception 24 x 2.6 Muni tyre (at a squeeze)
  • I haven't broken mine yet, or had any problems.

Negative points

  • Steel cotterless cranks are heavy / and Quax alloy cranks can be fragile with heavy use.
  • At 72mm wide, the frame won't take a 24x 3.0 Muni tyre if you want serious off-road.
  • The rim is only 26mm wide inside width - not good for wider Muni tyres either.
  • No brake conversion option.
  • The smaller, narrower wheel does not ride over uneven ground well. It sticks in ruts, and has spin out on wet grass or loose surfaces.

At less than half the price of the Nimbus Muni, and +2kg lighter, the free style is good value.
You will only have problems if you want to do more serious riding later on.
The good news is that if you get the 24", you can upgrade to a 26" Muni without duplicating your collection.

The 24-club is the orange one, fitted with a Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre for riding on the pavements (The Schwalbe it is not good on wet grass).

For what it is worth, I have a 24" club Muni, recently purchased and it is as strong as an Ox. I know it has a knobbly tyre, but I use it quite nicely on roads, not a lot I grant you, but it is very well made, and if your riding description is right, then I can see no problem with a ‘club’ unicycle whatever the style. I am considering a different tyre for on-road riding perhaps, or indeed another club uni altogether.

I love mine

I bought my Club 24" about 10 months ago and love it. I swapped the stock 125mm cranks for 150mm aluminum Torker cranks, and it has been my primary light off-road uni. It won’t stand up to everything, but they’re tougher than you think.

Thanks for the replies I will have to have a rest from practicing Uni I have hip flexor problem , but the club freestyle sounds good.

New uni

26" club freestyle due next week can’t wait just getting free mounts on my small learner Uni hope I can transfer to the 26" OK .