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Hello, I’ve been unicycling for almost a month now and can do all of the basic skills except for continouslly turn smoothly. I thought a Unicycling club might be able to help, but the closest ones that I know of are in Toronto (45 min drive from my house). I was wondering if anybody knows of any clubs near Ajax, Ontario, Canada. If not would anybody like to start a club with me.



I wish I had a club as close as you do.

I hope you do indeed find a closer club.

However, 45 minutes is pretty close given the small number of us out there. I live in Buena Vista, Colorado and the distance to the closest club to me would be measured in hundreds of miles. You are lucky.

I forgot to say that I can’t drive, don’t have any money for transportation and my family can’t drive me very often.

Wow, too bad you can’t drive yet. For me I would definitely go 45 minutes if it meant having a club to ride and practice with. It is so cool to be around other unicyclists.

Hummm, you may have to just hang in there till you get a license or find someone that you can car pool with.


you could always try to get your parents involved, they might be more willing to drive you then…

My nearest club is in Stockton, which is a hour drive away from were i live in Newcastle. We go down there every wednesday. I play unicycle hockey on thursdays, and thats in billingham, 45mins drive away.
Im only 14, so obv. i cant drive yet, but my dad unicycles, and loves going to the clubs to.


I suggest that you start your own club. That is what we did here in Memphis and, as I understand it, that is what the Tanya and Tammy ( did in South Dakota.

There are a lot of folks out there that can coach you if you want to start your own club - me included.

M_Extreme_Uni is in WHitby, he was talking about starting a club out in WHitby, or a durham region club, or something like it.

I’m going for a trials ride today with him (maybe he can teach me how to jump 3 feet higher in one ride :angry: )

I’ll mention you to him

He says there is 3 or 4 other riders in Whitby

I started our club in London knowing of only 3 other riders…that was at the end of November. We now have about 15 people who come out (although never all 15 at once)

Yes! thanks Sofa,
I live in brooklin (just outside whitby) and i’m thinking about starting a club myself. We should meet and go for a ride and talk about it. Ajax is pretty close to me (about 15 minutes) so that would be good. I’m thinking about a name for the club… DRUC!! (Durham Region Unicycle Club!) well, call me at (905) 655-0625, or email me at: and we can set up a ride. oh, and how old are you, and what part of Ajax do you live in?


Whitby? Durham? London? You people are so confusing!

Unless there’s some weird wormhole-timewarp-continuiniuniunum thing going on…


Yeah, thanks sofa, I’m almost 16 and live in the south end of Ajax, south of the 401. I live on clements. If you foolow harwood until you hit dryer (on your left) turn there and then follow it until you hit Clements (on your left) I live there. How long have you been uniing and how many other unicyclists do you have in mind for joining the club?

Yeah, Thanks a lot Sofa. I’m almost sixteen and live in south Ajax. (south of the 401) If you follow harwood till you reach dryer(on your left) turn there, follow it until you hit clements (on your left) I live on that street. 154 Clements Rd. E.
My e-mail is
How long have you been uniing?
How old are you?
How many other Unicyclists do you know of that might want to join or help create the club?


Logan :slight_smile:

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