The first thing people think of when i tell them i can unicycle is, “are you a clown or something?” I was wondering if anyone here is actually ever a clown? Just a thought.

Also, how should i go about idling. I am level one and to become level 2 i need to be able to figure 8 and right foot mount.

there are several of us clowns around, you’ll even find pictures of some of us!

I always get that to and “Are you going into the circus?” then they see my ride and ask if its good off road.

do a search on “drinking clown”. Seriously. go do it.
tomblackwood’s avatar will also give you nightmares for life.

I do clowning regularly. Not as a daily thing, but maybe once a month. I also twist balloons professionally, and was the president of our juggling club here. But Sofa wins the award for better clown. But just by a little!

edit: No, it looks like I’m ahead now. Look for the forum in JC titled Poll: Battle of the Clowns (or just click on the link). I’m very surprised that I took the lead. (10-9 when I posted this)

I think 90% of the unicyclists on here resent being called a clown and feel their activities are more along those of bmx and skateboarders. Or of course just plain old bicyclists.

If anyone asks if you are a clown, act as if they had no reason to ask that of you and ask them if they are a clown.

i am a bit of a clown boy i unicycle love diabolo’s but uni’s taken over + i like magic and can do a bit but again uni’s taken over.

When I was little I did some magic. But that’s “performing” so I don’t do much anymore. I like strange things. I juggle, ride a uni, but i don’t like performing.

I ride a unicycle.
I juggle balls.
I juggle balls while I ride a unicycle.
I juggle clubs.
I juggle clubs while I ride a unicycle.
I juggle apples.
I eat apples while I juggle them.
I don’t eat apples while I juggle them on a unicycle though.

Why does this make me a clown? I’m not a performer!

I’m a juggler and a unicyclist.

I wear a fez when I ride and somehow this makes me a clown…
since when do clowns wear fez!?..maybe arab clowns…but clowns don’t wear fez over here…

i dont do clowning, but i am a magician and do kids parties and do balloons and stuff, but no not a clown…im starting to get into it, but not because of unicycling…uni is just another sport i do…kinda like i do BMX



n 1: a rude or vulgar fool [syn: buffoon] 2: a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior [syn: buffoon, merry andrew] v : act as or like a clown [syn: clown around, antic]

Re: definition #2, when they call you a clown they are saying not only that you amuse them, but that your behavior is ridiculous. Of course, I don’t take it that way when (on rare occasion) someone calls me a clown–usually the child is under age 8, and they ask. When I ask if they are a clown, they laugh and we had a fun exchange.

clown vs plumber vs $million athlete

For the last 10 plus years, my near daily work-out has included a 4 mile ride around a Brooklyn (NYC) park while juggling 3 clubs. No one asks if I’m a clown. Mostly I get: “Skilz, mon” “Concentration” (from the West Indies people) “Go baby go” “You go boy” “You’re my hero” and so on. So, for those who resent being called a clown, I advise you learn to juggle (Just kidding :D).

I’ll tell you what I do resent, though. When I juggle 3 toilet
plungers, people ask if I’m a plumber. :smiley: Does this happen to you? That I resent, because unicyclists are much better athletes than plumbers (generally speaking), and I prefer to be equated with those athletes that earn $millions. Maybe I should juggle basketballs!

Actually, I am quite flattered to be mistaken for any profession.
Clown, plumber, whatever, it’s all just an honest living, nothing to be ashamed of. So I take no offense.


I think World champion UK downhill Mountain biker Steve Peat would disagree with you there, lol

My freind asked me recently if i’d like to be a clown. When he found out I was learning to unicyle he asked me that, cause he is a clown sometimes and does balloon animals, so he thought maye i’d like to be a unicycle riding clown, maybe someday. We were at the park and i’m like" theres people here" I’m not always into people watching me, if i’m trying to have fun, in I want them to then it’s ok. I rode a little and some of the kids at the park seemed to like it, I pretended like I was gonna run into a stroller, but didn’t get to close, that could get ugly.

Anyways, it was fun, i’m getting a half revolution backwards to forwards sometimes, so thats cool, plus it’s getting warmer out.


Re: clown vs plumber vs $million athlete

time to switch to long-handled bath brushes

keeps them guessing

Re: clown vs plumber vs $million athlete

Cover up that crack and this problem is likely to go away. :smiley:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Clowns

Murde Mental wondered:
> since when do clowns wear fez!?

Tommy Cooper was famous for it.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine