ClownCore - Unseen Joe Hodges Footage

Some amazing stuff in there! He’s expanding his style more and more!

amazing, simply amazing.

he really has come along way.


thats nuts!!!

and the car!! wow.

Joke? or should I let the whole thing load? it will probably take an hour for it to load so please let me know.

its a joke.

or is it!!!


Joe knows all the guys from life4land its just so random how there would be a piss take like this without anyone knowing that .

Wtf? I think this is the uni forum equivalent of getting “Rick Rolled!” Thanks a lot! :angry: :roll_eyes:

The song is prety good though.
But is that realy Joe?


If you had ever seen Joe Hodges in real life, you’d know just how much that guy looks(and acts) like him. Could be him for real.

It’s not him though,
but he does know them!

The “Rick roll” has been used thousands of times (mostly online) and unleashed on its victims! It’s like a bad prank; Someone is watching a youtube video and expecting to see what is advertised, and ON TOPIC! Then after a few seconds or minutes, this gets sprung on the poor victims:

**Warning: May cause nightmares! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

realy nice but gave me a headache, ahhh who care, gonna watch it again :sunglasses:

I got Rick Rolled at the Macy’s Parade.

lol, i couldn’t see it. "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. ". lol :smiley:

:thinking: yeah! :thinking:

techno :slight_smile:

my favourite video of all time !!!

5 star !! :smiley:

LOOOOOOOVEE it ! :smiley:

-JACOB ! :smiley: