Clown performance pics

Last week, Ben (a.k.a. Mute), Brad (a.k.a. Kethe the Clown) and their two friends Will (a.k.a. Coda the Clown) and Aaron (a.k.a. Pink-Eyed Joe) were invited out of our unicycle club to perform at one of our local church’s VBS. The VBS theme was “The Circus” so the boys dressed as clowns and used their unicycles. The four boys designed and wrote their performance, practiced then performed on the last day. They did an excellent job and their audience hooted and hollered during the entire performance. Once the skit was done, the boys demonstrated some unicycle skills and wooed the crowd even further. It was a great time for all.

We’ve posted some pictures of the event at

If that doesn’t work for some reason, simply try and click your way into the photo album.


pretty cool. Any video of the act? What was the plot? was ther one, or was it just bufoonism?
-David Kaplan

I did take some video but it turned out in 2-3 second clips…camera operator error. So some of the pictures in the album are stills taken from the video.

Just a minute…Raphael, look the other way for a second…

OK, since it was Vacation Bible School, the skit’s plot was Coda invited the other three to ride, they couldn’t, so they finally decided to retreat to a corner of the room and pray for strength and ability. When they returned, they were able to put together a ride. Following the skit, the boys demonstrated some uni skills. They all did a fantastic job. They can perform for my functions anytime!