Clown outfit and accessories

Clowning around? Here’s what you need to wear.

Kit includes pajama-type outfit, cotton, size L, with a fun rear button up trap door at the seat, two professional quality makeup kits (new and unopened), one tube red cream makeup (new & unopened), two cans red fluorescent hair color spray (new & unopened), one more makeup kit with red foam nose (package opened but unused), one rainbow clown wig, and one pair striped toe socks (minor sewing repair needed between the toes).

Check it out on eBay, item #330060711267

i need a standard 22.2 post at least a foot long. you got one of those?

This form is for traiding unicycle equipment a clown kit has nothing to do with unicycle equipment :roll_eyes:

Yoopers has almost 5000 total posts, I am pretty sure this isn’t SPAM. He has ridden his uni in this outfit or atleast one like it several times, I am sure. I would consider this to be standard unicycling parade equipement.
Much better than the hat on sideways, ripped t-shirt and baggy ass-crack jeans that have become standard street unicycle attire.

hahaha… er no! :roll_eyes:

Matter of fact, I do. I have two 12" Viscount or other seatposts. Would you like them? Shoot me an email to yoopers at verizondotnet.


So you’re interested in the suit then? :slight_smile:

If you have as many people shout hey clown at you as me you would understand;)

ok…will do after things slow down around here…lots of “assembly required” after this chrismas…

Looks like it didn’t sell.

I’m not too tall at 5’6". What size will this thing fit and what are you asking?

The suit is a size Large. My wife 5’5" and has worn it but she doesn’t remember where the bottom of the pant legs hit her. She thinks they were a teensy bit short, but maybe that’s okay for a clown get-up.

I had a starting bid of $10 for the lot plus $7 shipping. I’d ship the whole thing to you for $15.

I don’t check the Trading Post forum too often so it would be best to send me email: yoopers at verizondotnet.