*clothing* question

Having moved from Alaska to Idaho a couple of years ago, I’m still not used to this heat. I sweat a lot just being outside in the sun. Any way, since I am falling off the uni a lot (planned and upd) it is really adding to the chafing. Anybody with ideas on what to wear. I have tried loose pants and then tight pants, but they both rub.

On another note, the uni is sure getting beat-up today :slight_smile: Lots of scratches on the plastic and I just knocked the seat out of alignment from it hitting the concrete so hard. I sure am loving it and having fun though :slight_smile:
Part of my sidewalk has a ramp handrail on one side and some cheap metal posts/braces for awning that is over the sidewalk. I have been able to go about 15 ft, turn around and go back. Sometimes I fall, sometimes I don’t.
About cooled off some, so time to fix the seat and do it some more :slight_smile:

ride naked

cycling shorts help with chafing…
but I suggest you should just live with it for like a week or so and eventually your legs will get used to it, and it won’t chafe or hurt anymore.

You plan to fall off the uni? :thinking:

I wear loose cargo pants or shorts, but that mostly because I’ve lost enough cell phones uni’ing to only wear pants with zippered pockets these days.

everyone plans to fall off sometimes…if we didn’t, then we’d be unicycling forEVER.

The chafing starts when you sweat. Padded cycling shorts are expensive. I have found “compression” shorts to be very useful and much cheaper. I bought several pair in the sporting goods department at Walmart. They are nylon (spandex) and fit tight around your thighs but do not have the padding like cycling shorts. When you start to sweat, your pants will rub against the nylon shorts instead of your skin. No need to “live with” the pain of chafing, try the compression shorts. They also help to keep “things” in place while you ride.

As for the uni taking a beating, that is probably par for the sport. The seat especially will get beat up while you are learning.

It sounds like you have a good location to practice. Keep turning that wheel. You are already far ahead of where I was after the first few days.

I used to wear those stretchy cycling shorts, but they’re hot, and I found I didnt get chaffed anymore for some reason.

The heat really bothers me too. Its only 78 f out right now, and I come in soaked with sweat after 10 minutes. Hate to see summer go, but I’ll be glad when its fall and cooler out.

or untill we didnt plan it


Well, for me, it is a barely-controlled fall :wink:
I want to get off, but it isn’t stepping off; it’s more lean forward, get a foot out there and hope for the best.
The other answers are better than mine, but I am a newbie describing what I am doing/going through :wink:

That brings to mind a fall that most of us have done at least once or twice. You lose your balance or hit something which causes BOTH feet to leave the pedals. All of a sudden, there you are sitting on top of the uni with both feet and both hands up in the air and you are wondering which way you are going to fall. Hope that you don’t fall on your head. This is especially “exciting” if it happens and your uni is still rolling forwards with you sitting on top of it.

Been there, done that…already today. Thought I was falling off so I moved my feet to land and found myself just sitting there for a second or maybe two. That was a weird feeling :slight_smile:


I had the same experience just yesterday…feet off the pedals for a relatively simple UPD…but then–a pause–on the still upright unicycle…then head and feet decided to swap places while rotating around the fulcrum of my seat. Landed on head and shoulders–couldn’t do that again if I tried.


^ Unplanned Coasting ^

Yes. Maybe you should create a UPC T-shirt. :slight_smile: