clothing and safety gear?

Ok well i use to go though a nice combat phase, and I’m rdy for more :smiley:

Recently in Vegas i got lots of vans footwear cheap, was good :slight_smile:

Anyhow, i don’t wanna dress up emo or mosh style skaters O.o BLACK is so for smelly druggy types, but i’m prob stereotyping :wink:

So what brands is associated with good clothing and price, in both combat type baggy gear to hide ya protection under it.

I’m on the look out for all the shin and helmets etc…

well i wear gap and old navey clothes that work fine… i this kind of a WEIRD (if u read macbeth, i mean that kind of weird) thread.

well i like to look good when i ride :wink:

O.o BLACK is so for smelly druggy types, but i’m prob stereotyping ;)[\QUOTE]

FYI, black was last years color, now green with pink pinstripes is all the rage. so be on the lookout for my smelly, crack-smoking army of pink and green unicyclers!

Joshuni, i doubt uni riders dress that bad :wink:

anyone know anyone that does custom helmets cooours and decals etc…

Pref to get a good helmet that can be sprayed.

from my experience pro-tek makes the best helmets.

pro-tek does make great helmets. But the looks and comfort of triple 8 helmets out do pro-tek.

i wear clothes when i ride… any clothes will do
it doesnt matter how you look, it matters how you ride

i can’t find anyone who sells the pro-tec chris doyle helmet.

and damn i can’t find my bloody tapemeasure :stuck_out_tongue:


I have found six six one helmets to be very good, they make motox and mountain bike gear, their pads are also excelent go to or :slight_smile: