close-up camo paint

Here’s a close-up showing the camo scheme I did. I shot a coat of clear SATIN lacquer over it, bit now it reflects some light! So I’m out the door to buy some FLAT clear to return it to a dead-flat finish.They told me to use some 4-0 steel wool on the satin first, so the flat will adhere to it better. My other 2 unis (coker and summit) are now at the p. coating shop being done in different colors. I’ll post those asap.:smiley:

I’m gonna leave the rim red because first I don’t think it looks bad, and also because I would lose the “Alex” decals on the rim! Plus, to paint it correctly, I would have to remove the spokes and then P. coat it. Way to much work just to go to a black rim.

waou, nice , i love
if i were you, i would paint the rim but it’s cool with red rim

I think the shiny looks better than when it was flat… but flat camo is good too.

I also like the red rim, and how a little red shows up on the seatclamp and the end of the crank.

you could paint the rim black w/ a paintbrush… or something lol

Why did this deserve a new thread? This looks like the same paint job on the same unicycle we saw just yesterday… did you know that once your thread disappears from page 1 you can find it on page 2?

That’s the power the camouflage! :stuck_out_tongue:

(I didn’t see you complain about the guy who posted like TEN “Unicycle for christ” threads!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …or, maybe you did, I’m not sure. Anyway, did I break a “rule”? If so, sorry about that!

Hahahaha! ZING!

I hate to say it, but maestro8 kinda walked right into that one!:smiley: It’s all in fun though!

Well I did see YOU complain about it.

No you didn’t break any rule, as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with that. the Unicycle for christ threads didn’t bother me. I think I’m man enough to tolerate a few repeat threads.

Back on topic… Is there anyway to hand paint something, like your rim? Or would that not work well enough?
See all it needs is black around the edges… silver doesn’t look as good. I guess.

You could take the time to wrap masking tape about 1-2 inches up each spoke, remove the tire and tube then spraybomb the rim. I think that would work for ya.

The best way would be to remove the wheel, de-lace the spokes and have it powder coated satin black. :sunglasses:

Best way? Yes. Easiest and most cost effective? No. but to each his own, i hope it turns out well for you.

I like the red rim. It actually looks like hunter’s orange in the picture to me.

Yeah, I like it too. Right now I’m more interested in getting my Magura break set before June 3rd!

while were on the subject of powercoating camo unicycles still

Wow, that looks nice!!!

I wanna do that to my Torker DX, then I’ll have a real beast to ride through my urban jungle.

Can you or Terry give me some info on doing it? Price? anything to do before I get it painted?

I painted mine myself in less than 20 minutes! I bought 3 cans of “camouflage” flat paint at my local hardware store. Removed decals from torker,lightly sanded the frame, then cut out random holes in a piece of 8x10 card stock. Then started with a base coat of “etching” primer. Then shot on the first Brown camo coat, followed by medium brown shot through the holes at random, then finally the lighter sand color, also shot through the holes at random. After drying, rubbed down with 4-0 steel wool, then shot with flat clear enamel. done! :sunglasses: Btw Tomsey, that looks cool too!

Thanks, I think I have a new project coming up. =p

that is one unique unicycle! (what i have just written is an alliteration, i am reivsing for my AS Level english language exam…:wink: on the unicycle forums)