Close Encounters of the Word Kind

Two incidents today.

Riding the MUni around the edge of a quarry and visitor centre near MATLOCK, I heard a child say, ‘He looks like a clown!’ A bit later I passed the same child and he was loudly ‘Dee dee dee’-ing a very inaccurate rendition of the famous circus tune.

I stopped and said, ‘Look, what if you do the riding and I do the singing?’ his parents laughed. Thus encouraged, I remarked, ‘The times I’ve heard that tune over the years!’

To which his dad replied, ‘Well, it is the anthem of Matlock Town Football Club.’

Second incident, later in the day, and perhaps a kind of compliment…

I was riding my 20 incher one footed along a tarmac path. My top score is 125 revs., but my average is nearer 25, so it was slow progress. A little brat aged about 6 or 8 roared up alongside on a 50cc 2 stroke quad and shouted, ‘Want a race?’

Re: Close Encounters of the Word Kind

He figured he had a chance because you were only riding one-footed.

You should find out where the kid lives and then cut the brakes to his bike and then offer to race him downhill and then off a cliff. HA HA HA, that’ll show him. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Re: Close Encounters of the Word Kind

this happened to me today.the kid could’nt have been older that 4,just how deeply rooted in the human phyci is that tune?

Son… Do You Like To Watch Gladiator Movies?

Heh heh heh!

Ever heard of Johnny Appleseed?

What you’re starting to get a glimpse of is the result of years of work that P.T. Barnum, Burt Lancaster,
Victor Mature, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Russell Crowe and I have put into embedding this tune into
the mind(s) of the general public!

I am sworn to reveal no further details.

Re: Son… Do You Like To Watch Gladiator Movies?

Glutes, please don’t try to pawn such simplistic explanations as conspiracy theories off on us.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: Son… Do You Like To Watch Gladiator Movies?

Hah! Oh, you of little faith! We have put your theories into practice, and behold!.. the Reality is all around you!

Fear not!

Our plan (not conspiracy!) is benign.

We seek only to inspire.

Do not attempt to resist us!

Cease your obstinate recalcitrance!

We are strong!

You are obsequious and pliable in our grasp!

We will mold you to our Will!









Sing! (or hum or whistle)