Close Call

So a few hours ago, I cleared the snow off the roof of my family’s tool shed and cleared out a uni landing on the ground below.
I was planning on doing some tricks off of the shed, which is about 7 feet tall.
I started out by popping a few 180s and then was going for a 360 but right as I jumped for the 360, my tire slipped on the edge of the roof. I had turned about 160 degrees by the time my uni slipped out from under me. Later I found that it had flown about 20 feet away from me.
So I was falling backwards and upside down.
Luckily, I hadn’t cleared any of the snow away from right under the drop as I would cleared it.
So I landed headfirst in the snow.

I almost broke my neck and maaaan, it hurts like hell.
My dad, who’s a nurse, says I’m VERY lucky I’m not dead.

So yeah… Thank God…

Sounds bad. Glad your ok Jackie.

sounds bad:(

I hope it heals quick and you try again;)

Did you happen to get it on video?

You’re welcome!

I don’t know what I have to do with this though…
I have been learning to do frontflips into the snow . Haven’t landed on my head yet, mostly just rolling up to my feet from a landing on my rear.

Put some sand on that ice first :astonished:

Or if you slipped on metal, griptape!

Holy crap! Glad you’re ok. Between this and that bad fall off that ramp, you’re doubly lucky!:slight_smile: You really need to either back off from the really high drops, or at least wear a helmet; even though it probably won’t help in every bail, it only takes one time to have a bad head injury.:slight_smile:

I think the risk here is more spinal.

I know, but when I see videos of Jackie or anyone doing those huge drops and stuff, I just wish he/they would have suited up with appropriate protective gear. Like I say, all the pads and a helmet may not fully protect you from every possible injury, but it’s sure better than nothing at all. I can say from experience, that I would have sustained multiple injuries-some potentially very serious-over the past couple of years, had I not been wearing my gear.:o Again, I’m just glad to hear that he’s ok. :slight_smile:

Haha, sorry Terry!
Not even a helmet…

It happened a bit differently than how I remembered… I didn’t even get the 180. :frowning:

ouch. glad your okay.

I hate when that happens. From the video, sounds like you edited out some colorful language, or at least some horrible sounds of pain!

Not sure if there’s a lesson there. Surely a helmet would not be a bad idea, though it probably wouldn’t have made a difference in a landing-on-your-head fall. It could still save your life in other types of landings, especially if you continue doing that kind of stuff. I guess if anything, control your riding surface when next to large drops?

Well, I usually wear a helmet for dangerous stuff but I was just being stupid.
Usually a drop like that, even with a trick, isn’t too hard and I never take dangerous falls.
But I seem to have forgotten the snow…

But oh man, I had so much trouble breathing!!
I went as quick as I could to the house and my dad had me lay down and I could barely inhale and it hurt sooooooooo bad!!!

At least the pain was short. Its pretty sweet up here, lots of big air to be had.

Lifes too short, so when it gives you unicycles, make hinunggbinu!!!

glad you are OK man, you keep these forums colourful

whats that now 7 lives or 6 left :thinking:


Wow, nasty! Looks like the snow literally saved your neck. It must be hard for you to watch the video! Glad you are alright.


Wow … Dang … me and my daughter just watched this and she asked "Is he a “Jack-Ass Guy?” That IS a compliment in this house.
Glad you survived … and got it on video. I fell of off a flagpole onto my head when I was 18 years old. Youth helps and you probably were being watched over. You do add a lot to this forum so maybe thats why … for us. :smiley:
Heal well, lay low, strengthen that neck and get back on that uni and ride boy, ride…

Awesome, Jackie!!!

I had a similiar fall off a two story house.

woooow that was HARD CORE! wear a helmet man…

Now I’m afraid of snow… I definitely will not jump from a house in the snow… NEVER!

I’m happy you’re ok! Now heal fast and keep riding :wink:

mate I’m just glad you got it on video! :stuck_out_tongue: