Close call on my Coker.

i checked my speed the redneck way, my dad drove beside me:D

“there really isn’t a good way to dismount. If you know you’re not going to be able to run out, a tuck and roll is probably best but it’s always scary…”

yes, thats why i rolled 6 times, i proly could have run it out but i wanted to save my leg so i just fell and rolled.

Also, The GPS i have is a Garmin E-Trex, this is a very small handy gps to have, i would highly sugjest it to people, you dont have to deal with annoying wires running down your frame, it also shows your course, wich can be fun to see if you take the same route ever time.

EDIT: I also wanted to metion that before my crash, earlyer in the day i did some really fun riding on grass and on a basket ball court, i was practicing really sharp turns and speed streches.

twas fun

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Yes pdc, corker? Sponge in bottle sake!


Yes, when I was young, I did a science experiment that pointed out another factor: If it was darker when you were riding the second time - it may have felt much faster than it was. In my experiment, I thought I was going at a higher speed - and even felt like I was risking injury, but the timed results proved that I was actually going slower!

I got my Coker a few weeks ago. I just put a speedometer on it. When I hear of these speeds appoaching 20MPH i amazed. I’m using 150 cranks and my top speed so far is 14 MPH. I can see getting another 1 or 2 MAYBE if I get real reckless. Are you 18 MPH dudes made of something different or is it shorter cranks?
I humbly bow at the feet of anyone doing 18 MPH with 150’s.

Were I to attain such speeds i would have to return sponge to Saki bottle after it was empty.

Well when i did my 15mph i was on a somewhat of a slope, i have 125s too, the trick i found to going fast is put hardly any pressure on the pedals, and only use then for ballance, so bacicly your just letting the coker go by itself, then when you are going relitivly fast push as hard as you can and stand up on the pedals.

There is an art to going fast!:smiley:



Now, when you want to stop, what do you do, just lock up the brake. Could make a really cool video.

You are fast learner of ill repute. Good things your legs aren’t as weak as your fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:

at full speed it takes me about 45ft to stop, i dont use my brake at all because my rim is realy wobly and it just grabs ever rev of the wheel, very annoying!

braindead child.

poor parents.

It’s mostly about learning how to spin the cranks very smoothly. It’s also about being able to maintain the balance point so that you don’t have to make any emergency balance or speed corrections.

Learning to spin is the big obstacle. You need to learn how to spin your feet in a perfect circle and maintain even force on the pedals. You need to be finessing the pedals around instead of mashing them.

At the bottom of the pedal stroke you need to point your toes downward and pull back like you are scraping mud off your shoe. Then lift your leg on the up part of the stroke. Don’t just let the pedal lift your leg up. You need to physically lift your leg. At the top of the stroke you push your foot forward. On the bottom part of the stroke you apply power smoothly and not in a big spike. Keep it smooth. Not you’re back at the bottom of the stroke and it’s time to point your toes down and pull your foot back. keep it smooth.

Lifting your leg on the up stroke is the hardest bit to keep smooth. If you just let the pedal lift your leg up you’ll get all bouncy.

If you just mash on the pedals on the downward part of the stroke and ignore the finesse required for the rest of the pedal stroke you will never be smooth and you’ll never be able to spin fast.

The best training aid I have found is to ride a Coker with long cranks (like 170’s). That will force you to learn how to spin. If you’re not pedaling smoothly you will notice it. Once you learn how to spin the 170’s the speed will come naturally and that all will carry over to the shorter cranks. At first the long cranks will feel slow and choppy. As your pedaling gets smoother you will find that you get the Coker cruiser feeling back and that’s the point where you’re learning how to spin properly.

It is easier to spin shorter cranks because there is less leg motion and your feet don’t have to travel as far each revolution. Your foot speed is less with shorter cranks.

I have been riding with 170’s on my Coker and it has really helped my pedaling. That has transfered over to shorter cranks on the Coker and also to my muni riding.

I’ve been able to ride comfortably at 14 mph with the 170’s and have gotten in to the 16’s with the 170’s. That’s about as fast as I care to go. I now have my normal 140’s on the Coker and my average and max speed has picked up a bit compared to before the practice with the 170’s. I’m no speed demon by any means. I still consider 14 mph to be fast enough for cruising and short bursts up to the 16’s just for fun. But I have no desire to push it beyond that. The difference is that I am now a lot smoother at 14 mph than I was before. Even with the extra practice I still don’t consider myself a good spinner.

I’ve never tried cranks shorter than 140 mm on my Coker. There’s a short steep hill on my regular loop that I just barely make it up with the 140’s. I only make it up that little climb about 70% of the time. I’m not going to go to shorter cranks if it means I will have even more difficulty on that little hill.

So practice with long cranks and learn how to spin. The speed will happen after that.

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On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:17:06 -0600, “Memphis Mud” wrote:

>I scraped 1/2 way thru the plastic palm guard

Take care. There’s only one incident left in them things.

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Re: Close call on my Coker.

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:16:13 -0600, “Evan Byrne” wrote:

>Also, The GPS i have is a Garmin E-Trex, this is a very small handy gps
>to have, i would highly sugjest it to people

I have one too (Vista). I like it but it has various weak points,
shaky satellite reception being the worst one.

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