Close call on my Coker.

Well today i can truly say there is such thing as a gardien angle.

Today i was riding back from a frends house on my coker, i desided to see how fast the beast could go, i was cooking down the road, yesterday my dad clocked me at 15 mhp and i could tell that this time i was doing faster than that, well anyway i was flyiing down the road, i felt like i had hit max speed. so i desided to start slowing before i got to the end of the street, well before i had time to start slowing it hit a bump iin the road, it bumped me off the saddle and i fell forwad and put all my weight/force on my broken leg then i fell forward and blocked my fall with my hands then rolled 6 times and watched the coker fly in front of me and stop about 15 ft ahead of me, by this time i am starting to feel pain in my right leg, im thinking, “oh fuck, i just rebroke it” well i got up and checked my ingurys, i made sure to stand on my bad leg to feel if everthing was connected, it was only hurting a little. i paced around a little contomplating what i had just done. after bout 3 min i got back on the coker, but i was riding really slow, i made it home without and magor ingurys.

well whatever call it, luck, chance, gardien angel or what ever, but i am damn lucky to have not broken my leg again.

both my wrists are sprained, and my right ankle.

i have learned my lesson and am going to keep it safe and not going to ride as hard as i was untill i am fully healed.

all i can say is thank you to what ever it is that saved me.

later fellas,


Note: I bent in my right crank slightly in the crash too.

Going for a Coker speed record is NOT what I’d recommend when you’re healing an injury like that! Glad you’re ok.


coker is? sponge to put is bottle, how you ride extreme uni with sponge?

Re: Close call on my Coker.

Recovering from a broken leg and dad clocks you at 15MPH on a unicycle!!

Something is seriously wrong here!

laughs loudly

yeah well, i didnt think i would fall

you probably shouldn’t do anything too hard on any unicycle for a while, but if you are, wear a LOT of protective gear. sixsixones and ankle braces, I think would do you good.

snap leg like bone you did with how?

im just not gona ride much at all for a while, but it did show my leg is WAY stronger than i thought

i broke it sking, get a better translater

other than the sprained wrists and ankle, i have to say it was kinda fun:D

My 17.5 mph flying UPD was the most fun I have had on a Coker. But I don’t want to do it again. :slight_smile:

My 18.2 mph crash was definitely not fun. But I know someone who crashed straight onto his chest at 24mph on a Coker. He REALLY didn’t like that.


i wasnt being checked for speed but i bet i was pushing 20, it was way faster than my 15 yesterday

You need to get a cycle computer so you’ll know your speed. It’s hard to estimate speed on the Coker. Just going 1 mph faster can feel like a lot because of the faster cadence.

Once you know what a certain speed feels like (the cadence) you’ll be able to estimate your speed better without needing to look down at the speedometer. But to really know how fast you’re going you need a calibrated cycle computer.

A GPS can also be used to calculate your speed. But GPS devices are more expensive than cycle computers.

i have a garmin hand held GPS, it works fine

Occasionally, you will. And never when you want to. Don’t forget this!

For next time: wrist guards. When you’re going over running speed, there really isn’t a good way to dismount. If you know you’re not going to be able to run out, a tuck and roll is probably best but it’s always scary…

Re: Close call on my Coker.

I think Dad’s judgement needs some checking if this is true.

I thought you said your parents weren’t letting you ride it for a while.

I think you need to put the sponge back into the bottle for a while.

Always wrist guards. Always. I had my brand new ones on recently when I crashed my Coker by hitting an almost invisible tiny little dip in the road. I scraped 1/2 way thru the plastic palm guard before stopping. (all this in 1/2 second). That would’ve made quick hamburger of my hands. Everytime I glance at them, its a great reminder.

you should take a old matress put it on the street and then go at it as fast as you can :smiley: . if i had a corker there is this place i know that has a huge pit of foam and id ride it right into it. or you could ride it off the dock like what i do with a really old bike but it would be a waste of the corker :frowning: